Passing Reflection on Community, Family, and Graduations.

This weekend a handful of my friends graduate from seminary in the Boston area.  And a handful of other friends are able to attend the celebrations.  Facebook today is this bittersweet thing, full of pictures, comments, and conversations flying back and forth as people celebrate, receive well wishes, and reconnect.  And, even those of us who are unable to be there, are able to be drawn in.  We celebrate, we share in the conversations, and enjoyed the pictures of our community from a distance.

And it is deeply bittersweet for me.  Because I really want to be there with them.  Cheering for them, celebrating with them.  Because these people were my community, my classmates and colleagues.  They are my friends.  And many of them, truly, are my family.

I have always felt that definition of “family” is (and needs to be) a very flexible thing.  While I am lucky enough to have biological family that does support me, and that I know will be there for me when I need them, I am keenly aware that this is not the case for everyone.  But, you can create family, and I know that many do just that.  With friends taking that place traditionally equated with biological family.  I have been able to find friends and communities that have become part of my extended family.  People that I know I Continue reading Passing Reflection on Community, Family, and Graduations.


You’re doing it wrong. Maybe. Sort of.

If you have spent any amount of time with children you are probably familiar with the sentiment, in one form or another.  Try telling a three or four-year old a slightly different version of a beloved story – chances are that they will inform you that you are telling the story wrong.  Or prepare a snack differently than their parents do (or than you’ve done in the past) and you’ll find out that you are doing it wrong. Or, perhaps I’ve just had the opportunity to work with a large proportion of opinionated and strong-willed children. But sometimes there is wisdom in these words.  And sometimes they will be surprised to find that the way you are doing something works

Continue reading You’re doing it wrong. Maybe. Sort of.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Just under a year ago I traveled, literally, from coast to coast.  Starting in Portland Maine, I took bus and train across the country from North-East to South-West, then skirting up the coastline from LA to my final destination, Portland, Oregon.  This week, in honor the Daily Post photography challenge of the week, “On the Move,”  I decided to share some pictures of the journey.  The first two images are from prior to my leaving Maine, then pictures from the trip, including my arrival in Portland, and finally a picture from what is now my daily commute here in Oregon.

On the Move, in many ways… all these pictures, also, were taken from moving vehicles – be they boat, train, or bus!

We Need Diverse Books!

The recent We Need Diverse Books (#weneeddiversebooks) campaign that’s been taking off has me thinking about diversity in writing.

And then, recently Raevenly Writes pondered the question of writing relationships that might not fit within our own mainstream culture, writing something that may be completely normal within the society the story takes place, but may be at odds with the readers expectations of a relationship.

But as an author, you can’t ignore how your audience works. I’m not saying everything has to be hetero-normative whitewashed, just that it helps to think about the head space your audience is coming from. Just because it’s a non-issue for you and your characters doesn’t mean it won’t be a huge issue for them, and a potential distraction.  –Raevenly Writes.

And that, that right there, is something that I’ve wondered about myself, in what seems like it should be minor ways… but they end up being less minor the more I think about them.  Just because something seems normal and “a non-issue” to me, and my characters, doesn’t mean it will be a non-issue for my readers.  I recognize that I have lived my life jumping from liberal-bubble to liberal-bubble.  Surrounded by people who Continue reading We Need Diverse Books!

Sigh…navigating technology

So…I just accidentally posted an utter draft of a post…a thought for a post with no real content, just a few shorthand notes to flesh out.
All because I was trying to make notes on my phone… Sometimes technology makes things more complicated.
So for all of you who get my updates by email, our caught it in the three seconds it was up, consider that a preview of a post that may, or may not every come.  And check out the We Need Diverse Books campaign on twitter and tumblr. 🙂
No more phone posts for me….

Weekly Challenge and Blogging 101 Unite!~

The Challenge this week is about being a teacher and a student….  Normally this would be an easy thing for me to respond to.  I can go on, and on, and on, about my time as an educator, my love of teaching, and how I consider myself to be a life-long-educator.

And I love to learn.  I love being in school, taking classes, doing research, exploring new crafts and approaches to things, and even writing papers (taking tests, not as much… but putting together presentations and showcases, sure!)

But, then I got hit by this ridiculous sense of disappointment, because I said I was going to do “Blogger University 101” and the Zero to Hero assignments, and I really haven’t.  I wanted to engage deeply with that community, and I haven’t.  I wanted to explore the assignments and use the wisdom and ideas to improve my blog, and I haven’t.

And yes.  I’ve had a myriad of reasonable excuses that have kept me from doing the work, but, asking me to reflect on being a teacher and a student makes me realize that I haven’t done these things.  And it makes me feel like I just really want Continue reading Weekly Challenge and Blogging 101 Unite!~

My computer got et-up by a Monster

My computer is currently at the store for repairs.  After trying to fight it into making sense for the past few days I decided it was time to just entrust it with someone with more expertise than me.  It’s a relatively (less than 2-years) new computer, and I feel a sense of betrayal.  It was supposed to last me for a while, to be my stable-rock.  Not supposed to give me more trouble than any computer since… forever.  I suppose I have had a few others that have caused troubles but… Not like this, and not so soon.  Other than my Continue reading My computer got et-up by a Monster

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