When the characters start talking….

When the characters talking, and I really should be sleeping, it can be problematic.  Luckily, there was also laundry that had to be done, so I would have had to stay awake anyways…

However, I think I am making progress on the story (which started with Ayrella‘s introduction), and could, plausibly, be in a place to share more of the story in a few weeks — depending on just how those weeks go.

So that begs the question… I never intended to try my hand at a serialized story on this blog, but I can see plenty of reasons to give it a go.  Also, plenty of reasons to not…
So why not throw it out to my readers.  What do you think?

I am envisioning something that would be updated maybe twice monthly, maybe a little more than that, we’ll see how it maps out.  And after things post I would categorize them such that you could read the whole thing in one chunk.  Perhaps even adding them to a static page in the intended order.  Since it is four stories that wind around one another, I’m also playing with the idea that you could then read one individual’s story all the way through, on its own.  Really, the more I think about this story, the more excited I am about trying to present it in this format.  And now that Callie and I seem to have finally come to an agreement, tentative though it may be, on how to work together, I kind of want to reward that 🙂

So, poll time!


Balancing Confidence (Watching the Ego)

Jodie Llewellyn recently wrote about confidence in writing, which got me thinking.

I vacillate between having too much confidence in my writing, and not enough.  In my comment to the post I noted that one of the things I think I lack confidence in is my ability to take my ideas and translate them well to the page.  I know that I have the ability to write well, and I know that some of the ideas I have are good ideas, but I feel like perhaps I am going to lose something in translating the ideas onto the page.  And I get very nervous about sharing what I have written with others.  This blog is proving to be a good exercise in trying to break through that fear.  Though, I have to admit, I am still cringing Continue reading Balancing Confidence (Watching the Ego)

Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

I have thought about sharing this for a time — months, really.  And today I’ve decided to go ahead and share it.  It’s a first draft, part of the opening chapter of one of the projects I’m working on.  Working title:  “Disparate Threads.”

(For an out-of-story glimpse at Ayrella and the others she interacts with, check out my exploration of what is happening when the story-writing stalls out)

Ayrella stood on the edge of the cliff, her eyes turned to the rocks below. The ocean raged, energized by storms brewing miles away, hurling the blue-green water against the rocks with such force that a spray of foamy-white mist roses halfway up the cliff’s face. But aside from the waves there was no sign of storms. It was strange, Ayrella reflected, that the ocean could be in such turmoil and the shore could be so perfectly calm. A gentle breeze lifted just a few strands of hair away from her face and gently ruffled her skirt. The sky was a pure, clear blue that allowed the sun to shine clearly, warming her face.

She wanted it to be stormy, with a wind that would blow her long brown hair all around her face and tangle her skirt. She wished for the downpour of rain that would soak her clothing, adding the physical weight of heavy clothes that would make it a challenge to take even a few steps. Lighting, cracking through the darkened sky, sending bits of light and excitement through the air — that was the weather that should have filled the day. That was the way the weather should have been over the past month, if she had been able to control it. Continue reading Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

The thing about loss – an explanation

I feel like I want to give a disclaimer, an apology almost.  An explanation at the very least.

In the past few days I have had such an amazing increase of traffic on my blog, so many new readers and members of this community.  And I am so thankful for that!  So excited to see a new name added to the list of people who have read and appreciated what I have written.  Amazed every time someone reblogs a post of mine, and loving the chance to answer questions and read through your comments.

And I want to be looking through more of your blogs — I love the sense of community I have already found in some of my interactions with you all, and look forward to reading more of your blogs and interacting with you all more.

But, my grandfather passed away this weekend.  And it is throwing me off. Continue reading The thing about loss – an explanation

Method Writing: Where acting and writing collide.

Sometimes writing feels like acting.

I am not an actress… not really.  I certainly have my dramatic moments, and dramatic flair, and 12571043261351773352wasat_Theatre_Masks.svg.medI have been called a Drama Queen once or twice in my life, I suppose….  I did theater workshops on occasion, and did some acting here and there before I went to college.  But I never really pursued it thoroughly, not done more than the passing workshop here or there.   
However, I still feel that writing is similar to acting.  At least, the way I write is.

It is not unusual for me to sit and make faces.  Sometimes carefully watching myself in a mirror, sometimes just paying attention to how it feels to make those faces.  Practicing expressions.  And I watch people (as discreetly as I can… TV and movies are great for this, really) studying the expressions that they make, the ways in which they move their face to communicate certain things, Continue reading Method Writing: Where acting and writing collide.

For Grandpa

I was going to write a post this weekend, in honor of Easter, and Passover, about how much I love the stories within religions – and how so much can be drawn from these stories, even if you aren’t “religious.”  And that may still come, eventually.  But that is not the post that I need to write today.

Instead of exploring religious stories, I am finding myself looking out the window at the weather.

I currently live in Oregon, and one of the things I love (and sometimes don’t love) about it here is how quickly the weather can change.  And, yes, I’ve heard the same thing said about many other places, and have experienced such changes in New England when I lived there.  But in Oregon the shift always strikes me as even greater than what I have experienced in other places.

About an hour ago I was standing on the street-corner, huddled under my umbrella (don’t give me flack for not being a “real” Oregonian for using an umbrella… I didn’t want my computer to get soaked), while the rain poured from the sky.  Now I am sitting in the coffee shop, looking out at large patches of blue sky, the sun quickly drying everything out.

Storm Clouds Outside
And I find myself reflecting on how very much this type of weather mirrors life.  One moment you can be flying high and everything can be amazing, sunny and bright and warm.  And then, suddenly, you find yourself under a storm cloud.  Bad news, challenges, can roll in just as quickly as the sun did.

But you know, and have to remember, that there is still sun behind those clouds.
That eventually the storm will meander away again, the sun will shine, and the cycle will continue.

I’m feeling this weather reality very strongly in my life right now.

Ups and downs.

Amazing news and celebration, followed by loss and grieving.

Sunshine and storm-clouds together.

Grandpa was…

Continue reading For Grandpa

Finding Poetry: Opening up to something “Other”

This is poetry month.

Poetry and I have a long, complicated relationship.
Sometimes, I love it.
Often, I am confounded by it.
Many times, I am drawn to it.
Once and a while, I am intimidated by it.
Occasionally, I hate it.

I suppose that’s not true — it’s not often the poetry that I hate, it is what people do with it that gets to me: analysis that edges into pretentiousness, the sense that you have to be “in the know” in order to really understand what is being said.
Continue reading Finding Poetry: Opening up to something “Other”

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