Stand Up Against Hate

How do you stand up against hate when you see it?

The basics of stepping in when someone is being harassed are this: You ignore the abuser, but rather concentrate on the one who is being harassed or intimidated.  You engage with them, talk to them, and create a safe space by being there for them.

You need to also make sure that you are watching out for your own safety. Don’t be afraid to call 911 if the situation warrants.

This guide was created to address Islamophobia by a French illustrator.  The principles remain the same regardless of the kind of harassment you are intervening with.


Effective Bystander Intervention Strategies.

Here are a few more resources to help think about the ways in which we can stand up:

Active Bystander Strategies: from Mediation @MIT, this is an excellent source that lays out how to be an active Bystander, this is focused on a campus situation, but is highly relevant outside of campus life.

Bystanders become Upstanders:  From STOMP our Bullying, this is geared to children and teens, but has effective points for everyone.

ByStander Revolution is full of ways to stand against bullying, including crowd-sourced information on ways for children to combat bullying, parents to handle it, and educators to help create safe spaces.  They also have The Weekly Stand, 52 actions to help shift the culture of bullying.

Teaching Tolerance is an excellent resource “where educators who care about diversity, equity, and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has created Speak Up: A Guide for Responding to Everyday Bigotry.

Training Active Bystanders: A Curriculum for School and Community.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bystander Intervention from the American Friends Service Committee


Do you have additional resources to contribute?  Please do share them!


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