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The most recent news, as well as weekly calls to action, can be found through Monday Updates.  For older news articles and documents check out my archives page.

Understand your resources. Examine the news, look at it critically, and use your brain to help decide what is facts, what you believe, and what you won’t. It has always been important to approach your sources critically, but now it becomes even more so. Comparative Geeks provides some good information about approaching news.



The Indivisible guide: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

A Yale History Professor’s Powerful, 20-point Guide to Defending Democracy Under a Trump Presidency.

Resources for a Resistance – this resistance database includes contacts for representatives, information about the positions of various representatives, sample scripts (calling, mailing, and tweeting!)

Congressman Jerry Nadler has created a document: How We Resist Trump and His Extreme Agenda.

Don’t let yourself fall into normalizing the situation.

The Narrative of Normalization

One recommendation is to keep a list of the things that may be subtly changing in order to remember what has changed.  Amy Siskind (President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda) is keeping a  weekly list that is worth visiting.

Autocracy: Rules for Survival


Understanding Important Concepts

Intersectional Feminism for Beginners – information about the basics of Intersectional Feminism (and much more)

Intersectionality – information about what this term means, and a series of articles exploring the importance of keeping this as part of our understanding of feminism (and, really, it extends far beyond feminism).

White Women, You Need to Talk About Racism

Why Are You So Angry?


Privilege is another hot-button word, and an important concept to understand as we continue in our fight for equality and justice.

Ever Been Told to ‘Check Your Privilege?” Here’s What That Really Means

What I Told My White Friend When He Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege

Exploring Christian Privilege

Gaslighting is a process of psychological manipulation, commonly appearing in conversations around domestic abuse. However, it can also be seen played out on larger stages – such as our current political situation.

Donald Trump is Gaslighting America

Are You Being Gaslighted?

10 Signs You Are a Victim of Gaslighting

The Effects of Gaslighting in Narcissistic Victim Syndrome


Standing Up against Hate

How do we Stand Up Against Hate – guides on being an active bystander and how to stand up against hate?

Violence takes many forms – it is not always physical and it’s important to understand the levels of violence, and the impacts that they can have. The Violence Pyramid provides some information and visual representation about the forms of violence that we may be encountering.


It is important, in the face of all that is happening, to take care of yourself.

A Liberal Feminist’s Self-Care Checklist for D-Day: Permissions to Ponder

The Radical Politics of Self-Love and Self-Care

3 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care While Resisting Dehumanization – Because #BlackWellnessMatters, too.

Self-Care for Sustainability and Social Change


Seeking Community

We are stronger together. Find a community that you can connect with!

Action Together Network is a great community, working hard to stand up and resist, including local groups, resources for advocacy and organization, and regular calls-to-action.








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