DeDoWriMo 2015 Participants and Goals!


Participants and Goals

It’s never to late to join!  I mean it… end of December is as good a time as the start of December to set a goal to complete before the end of December!!  Remember, the primary goal is to end the year on a positive writing note!  If you want to sign up go ahead and complete the form at the bottom of the page!

Allison: 50,000 words on Analeigh’s story, Write Every Day. Week one: Haven’t written every day, 5,000 words completed.

Naomi: Get further on the first draft of the novel started for NaNo:

Heather Jackson: Finish the super-detailed outline for YA horror novel:

Corina: Blog a minimum of 26 days in December with a minimum of 31 posts for the month.

Iphis of Scyros: Finish the novel that didn’t get finished for NaNo.

Rose F: Spend at least 5 hours a week working on development log and den profiles for foxes.

Sandra J: Complete first draft of long-overdue why-has-is-taken-ten-years-to-get-it-on-paper novel:

Clover: Complete initial revisions of NaNo novel.

Robin Rivera: Finish the Sci-Fi serial started two years ago:

Anna Rosenblum Palmer: Write and submit an article 6 days a week:

Holly4734: Add 41,000 more words to the novel:

Somemaid: Finish draft of NaNo novel and blog consistently:



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