Passionate Geeks: Fairy Tales and Once Upon a Time

Today's Passionate Geek is Sarah E. Boucher, a lover of fairy stories, romance, anything BBC and Marvel, and really, really cute shoes. On weekdays she wears respectable shoes and serves as Miss Boucher, the Queen of Kindergarten. On school holidays she writes stories about romance and adventure. And wears impractical super cute shoes. ┬áVisit Sarah … Continue reading Passionate Geeks: Fairy Tales and Once Upon a Time

Christian Privilege

I'm finding myself thinking a lot about the Privilege I carry.  Privilege is one of those words that has the potential to become a "buzz word," something thrown about by people without necessary understanding of what it means. I know that there are a few articles out there already exploring this topic, but as I … Continue reading Christian Privilege

The Power of Art – Rogue One

Art is such a beautiful expression, it can evoke emotions and speak to truths that can be hard to articulate.  It also can often serve as a powerful tool for change, for revolution, to spark people to stand up and make changes. This series is going to explore the power of art, by looking at … Continue reading The Power of Art – Rogue One