The Power of Art: Allegiance

George Takei has not been quiet about his experience, helping to raise up the experiences of 120,000 Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. The United States labeled these citizens as enemies, and imprisoning them into "internment camps." Allegiance is the story of a Japanese American family living through this time. It's a powerful musical performance, … Continue reading The Power of Art: Allegiance


Christian Privilege

I'm finding myself thinking a lot about the Privilege I carry.  Privilege is one of those words that has the potential to become a "buzz word," something thrown about by people without necessary understanding of what it means. I know that there are a few articles out there already exploring this topic, but as I … Continue reading Christian Privilege

The Power of Art – Rogue One

Art is such a beautiful expression, it can evoke emotions and speak to truths that can be hard to articulate.  It also can often serve as a powerful tool for change, for revolution, to spark people to stand up and make changes. This series is going to explore the power of art, by looking at … Continue reading The Power of Art – Rogue One