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My Dream Reader

As promised, I am working my way through some of the “Zero to Hero” assignments, at my own meandering pace.  Because, truly, that’s how I like to do things… at my own pace and in my own time.  Sometimes that time is super-speed, fast-track.  And sometimes it’s like moving in slow-motion, through marshmallow fluff, on the moon.  And more often than not it is in some order that makes sense to me, even if not to the rest of the world.  So, today I am jumping in on the Blogging 101 “Zero to Hero” Assignment Day 6.

Writing for my Dream Reader.
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Every time I heard the phrase “Round-Up”  I think of the “Kindergarten Roundup,”  an event I remember being held in order to introduce incoming Kindergarten students to their new school.

Which is pretty irrelevant, other than the fact that I am gathering together an assorted group of … something.

Respect for Other Tribal Cultures – is a great post by Oskar Hokeah (on an excellent blog) that got me thinking about the questions we ask of those and that which is outside of our norms.

I’ve been trying to explore my Social Media presence, and thinking a lot about how to best manage it and utilize it.  And fitting well with that theme, Elizabeth at the Daily Post did a good segment around using Twitter Lists — something I had just learned about, and really need to take advantage of!

Margaret Fuller, I remember learning some about her in one of my history classes, and making note that I wanted to learn more.  And this recent post on “the becoming radical”  just re-invigorated me to learn more and to read some of her work.

And in the trend of people I have encountered in my studies and made note to read more of, and learn more about is Montaigne.  And then, another post over on The Daily Post, this one by Ben Huberman caught my attention, and I have yet another historical figure to re-visit.

Finally, You Are Not Your Rejections is  a nice reflection by Karelia Stetz-Waters over on PDXX Collective.  A reflection on the nature of Rejection Letters, and writing… I love the tone of this article, and it’s a very good message to keep in mind.

Happy Browsing!

What!? Talk about acceleration! Time to celebrate!

In the not-so-distant past (2 weeks ago… seriously, two weeks ago?) I remember sitting at my computer, obsessively checking my blog stats (because, as much as I hate to admit it, that’s a thing that I do entirely too much), and realizing that, somehow, I was nearing 40 “followers.”   40!  And many of those were people I didn’t actually know in real-life, people who had read my blog, and decided it was worth continuing to read even though they didn’t know me in person.

And then I wrote this poem, and someone decided it was worthy of being Freshly Pressed.  And suddenly, everything exploded.  Before the day was done I had surpassed 100 followers, and then it kept climbing… and climbing… and now, now I have nearly 400+!  And I am astounded.  According to the map my blog has been viewed in something like 82 countries, and has had over 3,000 views.  I’m not a numbers person — I tend to forget them, and put them together wrong — but I know that those numbers are pretty awesome.  At least, they sound it to me.

But, I also feel like I’ve bypassed some things. Because this all came so quickly (and at a time when I was unable to focus as much attention on the blog as I would like due to life circumstances), milestones that I would have celebrated (like my 100th follower), milestones that I didn’t Continue reading What!? Talk about acceleration! Time to celebrate!

Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

I have thought about sharing this for a time — months, really.  And today I’ve decided to go ahead and share it.  It’s a first draft, part of the opening chapter of one of the projects I’m working on.  Working title:  “Disparate Threads.”

(For an out-of-story glimpse at Ayrella and the others she interacts with, check out my exploration of what is happening when the story-writing stalls out)

Ayrella stood on the edge of the cliff, her eyes turned to the rocks below. The ocean raged, energized by storms brewing miles away, hurling the blue-green water against the rocks with such force that a spray of foamy-white mist roses halfway up the cliff’s face. But aside from the waves there was no sign of storms. It was strange, Ayrella reflected, that the ocean could be in such turmoil and the shore could be so perfectly calm. A gentle breeze lifted just a few strands of hair away from her face and gently ruffled her skirt. The sky was a pure, clear blue that allowed the sun to shine clearly, warming her face.

She wanted it to be stormy, with a wind that would blow her long brown hair all around her face and tangle her skirt. She wished for the downpour of rain that would soak her clothing, adding the physical weight of heavy clothes that would make it a challenge to take even a few steps. Lighting, cracking through the darkened sky, sending bits of light and excitement through the air — that was the weather that should have filled the day. That was the way the weather should have been over the past month, if she had been able to control it. Continue reading Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

The thing about loss – an explanation

I feel like I want to give a disclaimer, an apology almost.  An explanation at the very least.

In the past few days I have had such an amazing increase of traffic on my blog, so many new readers and members of this community.  And I am so thankful for that!  So excited to see a new name added to the list of people who have read and appreciated what I have written.  Amazed every time someone reblogs a post of mine, and loving the chance to answer questions and read through your comments.

And I want to be looking through more of your blogs — I love the sense of community I have already found in some of my interactions with you all, and look forward to reading more of your blogs and interacting with you all more.

But, my grandfather passed away this weekend.  And it is throwing me off. Continue reading The thing about loss – an explanation

I took this trip …

The past few months have been filled with changes.  I completed that thesis that had been swallowing all my time this winter and spring and I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Religion.  I said goodbye to the school I had attended, that had in many ways become my family, as it closed its doors after nearly 200 years of existence.  I packed up my life, after five years on the East Coast, and moved back to the West Coast to be closer to my family as I work towards further education on my career path.
Pretty Water ViewsNow, settling into my new home (and undertaking the fun process that is job-hunting), I am beginning to have a little time to start revisiting my blog – and trying to update it some more!
First up – the move.  I had promised a great many people that I would share pictures from my trip, so this seemed like a good medium to do that in!
As a gift to myself I took the train to get myself across the country – a much-needed vacation!  Technically, I took three trains – enjoying three of Amtrak’s routes on my way from Maine to Oregon.
First up – The Lake Shore Limited.  This is the train that I took from Boston to Chicago – sitting up in coach overnight (which is something I don’t think I can do again – didn’t really get much sleep).  However, I did get a chance to see some pretty country-side (which is really what this trip was all about). One of the first things that I learned was how tricky it was to take pictures from the train.

Pastoral Settings

Thank goodness for digital cameras and LOTS of batteries!

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At some point I had something to say.

Christmas Day, 2012
Christmas Day, 2012

So I’ve had all these “Brilliant!” blog ideas over the past month. I was going to write a very reflective, and perhaps entertaining, piece about Holiday traditions.

Lobster Man on Christmas Day, 2012
Lobster Man on Christmas Day, 2012

And then I was going to write about celebrating Christmas when I am not a Christian. I was going to ponder about snow-storms, and how different places I’ve lived have handled winter. I was going to share with you all a little about some of the theological texts I’ve been working with, and tell you some more about Sebastian Castellio.

Then I was going to write about finding the “muse” and inspiration. Oh! And I was going to do a post about Gluten-Free cookie making, complete with pictures. I was going to undertake an exploration around “light”, and write up some genealogically-related musings. There was, of course, going to be a write-up and review of the recent Les Miserables movie. Something about nature, something about resolutions.

It is completely and entirely possible one, or all, of these will appear as blog entries at some point. I feel no need to be restricted to the holiday season to reflect on the holidays. And many of these things are things which bounce around my head.
But, for now, I just do this short up-date, a dangling promise that something was once going to be written, reflections were going to be shared. But homework got in the way, then a strained back, then the COLD OF DOOM – as I am calling it – and now entering two weeks of an intensive class, while still working. So… you get me saying *hi* and a couple of pictures of this winter so far.

Winter Storm Euclid strikes Maine
Winter Storm Euclid strikes Maine