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About Me: Morning Routine!

Raeven Wright asked:

How does your typical day start?  Coffee?  Tea?  Yoga?  Wrestling bears?

Every morning I wake up with the sun, refreshed and ready to face the day.  Which is good, because the first thing I do is have to fight my way past a blob-monster, and scale  a castle wall to reach my morning coffee.  Then comes the dragon wrestling.

Or… not.

I wish I could say that my typical day starts in some exciting way… like if I were able to share some of the dreams that I remember in the earliest moments of awake when they still have hold of part of my brain.  I used to love to lay awake in the mornings, purposefully dwelling in that time when the veil between dreams and reality seems more permeable.    I had a lot of great times, drifting in and out of worlds where magic was real and easy to access (for me, at least).  Where I got to wear awesome dresses (I love awesome dresses, a particular dress was once purchased for me because the “Allison “eee!” factor” was pretty high), and fight off the bad guys.

But now, my typical day is Continue reading About Me: Morning Routine!


Celebrate Three Significant Songs

Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you.

Writing 101.  Day 3.

Three songs of significance.  With some thought this becomes a very interesting question, it is not asking the most significant, or even for ones that have a positive significance.  It is simply asking to celebrate three significant songs.

So… what three to pick. Continue reading Celebrate Three Significant Songs

Every Little Bit Counts! Achievements and Celebrations!

Last week I discovered a new, awesome, post idea over on Just Get It Written.  Started by VikLit, it’s a celebration of the small things.  Of little achievements (and big).  They are doing it every Friday, but I’m going to aim for at least one Friday a month.

vik-small-things-2And today’s that day!  So, what are some of the achievements and little things to celebrate today?

  • Disparate Threads went live this week!  It feels kind of awesome to be sharing the story, and I just hope people enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it (and, yes, even editing it).
  • I participated in my first Insecure Writers Support Group, “Post Day.”  And it was spectacular!  I’d actually started the post a while ago, but posting it for this day, and all the support and comments I got felt really awesome.  I am now feeling motivated to actually try working some more on Hazel, and seeing what might come.
  • I rearranged my room, and am quite happy with the results.  There is now SPACE!   Like, I can see actual floor.  It is most impressive (previously there was a large bed, in the middle of the room, leaving little space… now that bed is against the wall, and FLOOR!

Yes… it really is the little things, isn’t it?
What are the little (or not-so-little) things that you are celebrating this week?


Disparate Threads – Into the Grand Hall

Untitled2 - Copy

It was a plain door, made of light wood with a simple brass handle. Nothing about it was intimidating, nothing to indicate the power that sat behind. Ayrella stood still before it, her heart beating madly. She could feel the power pressing from behind those simple doors, amazed at the strength of the simple wood to hold it all in. A moments breath, allowing Henrich’s calming assurances to whisper their way from her memory through her mind, before she reached slowly for the handle and pushed open the door into the great room.

Through it was a sight she knew very well, it still overwhelmed her. Inside those solid brick walls was a vast openness. Nothing below but the distant waters, nothing above but the open blue sky. Seats were formed out clouds for those present, circled around the edges of the room. There were many seats around either side of the room, with a break for the doorway and for the two seats set slightly apart directly across the room. Ayrella stepped out into the openness, the air supporting her as she stood alone, the focus of everyone in the room. There was no seat for her, no throne in which she could rest. She stood the focus of the room once more.

The first time she had stood, the center of their attention, had been a time of great joy. The last had been full of sadness and anger as she made her decision to leave them all to be with Henrich. And now… now the memory of both those times flooded through her and all she could think of was her uncertainty. And a strange, sudden awareness of the simplicity of her mortal clothes, as the others looked down at her with scrutiny. She simply stood and waited, trying to calm her fluttering heart, and keep those nerves from reflecting in her face and body.

“You dare return.” A deep voice bellowed from across the room. Ayrella did not need to look to know it was Ikthar. His anger rang clear, and though she had a ready retort, Ayrella knew better than to answer for herself. Not yet, at least.

“You should fall right through the skies,” Thipar said by way of agreement, always the closest friend and supporter of Ikthar, though not always able to understand what was truly in Ikthar’s heart.

“She could not have come if she had not been summoned.” Tyal reminded them all in her own calm and soothing manner.

“Even we do not know all that is at work here,” Kisha agreed. Ayrella could hear the smile coming through her words, “If she has returned, then that clearly has been deemed to be the way of things.”

“It is not our place,” Siron put in with a pointed look towards Ikthar, “to dissuade or argue the will of the Skies.”

This was met with silence, as the wind swirled around, lifting Ayrella slightly higher. She looked around her, now clearly seeing the faces of her friends and family, detractors and supporters alike. Those who had encouraged her freedom to make the decision she did and those who had seen her actions as betrayal, or a mistake. Those she had hurt.

“Dear brother.” She looked to Ikthar now, speaking directly to him as though no others were present. Her voice calm though her head spun with fear, “you know better than anyone how frightened I must be. To have been summoned here….” She waited, but not a word was said, his face set with anger. She held the floor, and would have to say much more to budge him. There were others, certainly, but it was him that she felt she owed the most.

“Henrich, my mortal husband, was taken from me in just the recent month. I had heard the stirrings of the world, and knew that things were not at peace, but it was not my matter. I had given up the right to have a place in those concerns. I had resigned myself to live a mortal life, a widow until the day when I too would have to perish from the world. But the Skies have a different plan, it would seem.” She paused, taking a breath and trying to find the certainty inside herself that she was managing to project through her voice.

“There is an unrest in the Realms. I know that you have all felt it too. To different degrees something is stirring. I felt it in the land where I lived, and I am sure that you have seen it in the Realms that you tend to. I do not know how I, a humble being even before my mortal life, can be of any aid. But, I have been bid to return. You, my dear brother Ikthar, have always been the strength of our family. You hold the seat of power, you judge fairly.” She saw just the slightest shift in Ikthar’s face, a twitch at the very edge of his mouth, a slight softening of his eyes. It was quickly suppressed, but Ayrella saw it there and knew that she had made some headway.

“You, my dearest sister Kisha, have always been the heart of our family. You tend to the spirits of mortals and gods alike.” Kisha responded to this with a gentle smile, a slight nod, reassuring Ayrella without needing to say a word.

“Our friends,” Ayrella waved her hand around to the others gathered in the room, “all have been chosen carefully for their power and place. All belong, a power to bring to the table. Necessary forces.” She could see nods among the crowd. Though some still refused to engage her attention she found many willing to connect with her gaze.

“I believed my path was to live amongst the mortals. To follow a journey reverse the one so many of you have followed. But —” she paused, blinking back a moment of tears as a sudden wave of memories pushed through her mind, “it would seem that this is not the case. I plead of you, please, simply allow me to return to take my place. Whatever that place may be, in the change this is that is happening to our Realms.”

The silence felt like a weight on her shoulders. She was certain that this was where she was meant to be, certain that this was what had been bid of her, though she had no certainty about what her place was to be in it.

A stirring began, the winds sweeping around her gently, as though to give her some comfort. Slowly, with no words or noise, another chair formed from the clouds alongside Ikthar and Kisha’s, and Ayrella found herself gently being lifted towards it.

“The Sky has spoken,” Ikthar said flatly, no emotion making its way through his words, “you are to take your seat, once more, among us.”


Disparate Threads – Into The Horizon

And today it begins!

The Disparate Threads blog went live this weekend, with the first story segment (previously posted on this blog) already up.  And today begins our regular updates.  Each will be posted here, but I encourage you to visit (and follow) the Disparate Threads blog to explore more!


After a long journey, Ayerlla found her feet resting on the edge of a great cliff. Similar to the one she had left, though that momentous step now seemed so long ago. A lifetime ago, in the most literal sense.

This cliff towered above the water. Anchored to nothing, it was simply a part of the sky. The storm still churned in the distance; rolling clouds filled with murky colors, heavy with moisture and swirling winds. Simply waiting. The pressure was in the air, but Ayrella got the sense that the storm would continue to wait. Everything, it seemed, was waiting. She just wasn’t sure what it was waiting for.

Standing there, looking back towards where she had come from, Ayrella could feel the years lifting off of her. Through her time in Kirshenelle she had worked hard to ensure that she aged just right, just as those around her did, so as to not call suspicion. But now, back on the edge of the Horizon Lands, she felt those years fade away. It had not been many changes, so subtle that many would not even notice them, but had she not made the changes there would have been comments and Ayrella had striven to be very cautious. Little wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. The slightest lightening of her hair, a precursor to turning gray. All of that fell away now, fading as though they had never been.

But she knew that the years still carried in her heart.

She walked slowly and carefully, the feeling of early dawns mist on her feet. Down through the field towards the city, each step cautious and deliberate. Ayrella felt her breath catch in her throat as she approached the city, this gathering of buildings, each exquisite in its own unique way. Each reflecting the Revered Being Continue reading Disparate Threads – Into The Horizon

My Dream Reader

As promised, I am working my way through some of the “Zero to Hero” assignments, at my own meandering pace.  Because, truly, that’s how I like to do things… at my own pace and in my own time.  Sometimes that time is super-speed, fast-track.  And sometimes it’s like moving in slow-motion, through marshmallow fluff, on the moon.  And more often than not it is in some order that makes sense to me, even if not to the rest of the world.  So, today I am jumping in on the Blogging 101 “Zero to Hero” Assignment Day 6.

Writing for my Dream Reader.
Hmm… Continue reading My Dream Reader


Every time I heard the phrase “Round-Up”  I think of the “Kindergarten Roundup,”  an event I remember being held in order to introduce incoming Kindergarten students to their new school.

Which is pretty irrelevant, other than the fact that I am gathering together an assorted group of … something.

Respect for Other Tribal Cultures – is a great post by Oskar Hokeah (on an excellent blog) that got me thinking about the questions we ask of those and that which is outside of our norms.

I’ve been trying to explore my Social Media presence, and thinking a lot about how to best manage it and utilize it.  And fitting well with that theme, Elizabeth at the Daily Post did a good segment around using Twitter Lists — something I had just learned about, and really need to take advantage of!

Margaret Fuller, I remember learning some about her in one of my history classes, and making note that I wanted to learn more.  And this recent post on “the becoming radical”  just re-invigorated me to learn more and to read some of her work.

And in the trend of people I have encountered in my studies and made note to read more of, and learn more about is Montaigne.  And then, another post over on The Daily Post, this one by Ben Huberman caught my attention, and I have yet another historical figure to re-visit.

Finally, You Are Not Your Rejections is  a nice reflection by Karelia Stetz-Waters over on PDXX Collective.  A reflection on the nature of Rejection Letters, and writing… I love the tone of this article, and it’s a very good message to keep in mind.

Happy Browsing!