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Questions! A WordPress Community Experiment

Because, why not?   Suzie81 Speaks did this little question-thing, which I stumbled on through Sourcerer  –I do love how I keep finding new things to read through different blogs, because, I don’t have nearly enough 🙂
Thought it might be fun to join the experiment! For Science!

To quote:
“Here’s how it works:

Answer the questions below, either in your own post (link it back to this one) or in the comment section below. They can be as short or as detailed as you like.

The post will remain open for the next three days (uhm, apparently until the end of today, August 14th), during which I will compile all the answers. Any answers you provide will be directly linked to your blog, and I will include examples of everybody’s answers in the follow up post.”

Now, the questions and my answers!

1. How did you create the title for your blog?

I remember agonizing over it for a while with my roomie.  I wanted something that wouldn’t box me in, but that would encapsulate me somehow.  Eclectic worked… as did the start of my name 🙂

2. What’s the one bit of blogging advice you would give to new bloggers?

Have fun with it, but also think about what you’re doing.  Just like everything on the internet, once you put it out there, it’s out there.  Also, be part of the community, visit other blogs, hold conversations, read other people’s posts.  Oh!  And don’t be a number chaser, those people whose actions are clearly just because they are trying to raise their numbers, or promote their own things without ever contributing or giving to others… that’s really annoying.

3. What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

Very hard to pick one… Continue reading Questions! A WordPress Community Experiment


Disparate Threads – Out of the Dreaming Lands

This is the next installment of Disparate Threads, a Fantasy-Fiction Blog-Serial that updates twice weekly. To read the story from the beginning (and to learn more about the world and the characters) check out Disparate Threads.

Untitled2 - Copy


For a time Ayrella was able to lose herself in the nearly meditative motions of the fight. Her muscles were already sore from disuse, but they still seemed to remember just how to move to best dodge out of the way, even getting a few hits in herself. It had been a very long time since she’d sparred with Ikthar and, even though she held no delusions that she would win, she enjoyed every moment of it. He moved with strength and precision, but Ayrella had the advantage of being smaller, quicker, and lighter on her feet. And the familiar patterns of his fighting style were a comfort to her.

This was perhaps the first time since she had returned from the Dreaming Lands that someone was not asking her [Read More]

This concludes the Third Part of Disparate Threads.  All three parts can be read in paginated segments here.

Celebrate the Little Stuff! 4

It’s Celebrate Friday!  And I think I need to take a moment to do so!


Little things can be very awesome, and really help lift a mood.  My little celebrations:

*Getting together tonight with a friend I don’t get to see very often.

*Finishing out a week that’s been a bit rough for me.  Some weeks just making it is enough to celebrate.

*Progress on Disparate Threads.  Yes, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been going at a snails pace but.. it’s still faster than nothing!


Workshopping in the Woods

Nice to hear this little reflection of a participant in this workshop. I graduated from Marlboro back in ’99, and it is still one of those places that holds my heart. The school demands quality writing from ALL of its students, and I love that they are reaching out to those who are not students to share in writing workshops. I swear, there is something magical about that hill. I cannot count the number of times I have, in recent years, wanted nothing more than to go sit on one of the swings on the hill, in the apple tree in the middle of campus, or in the woods just beyond and let the creative energy flow through me.
The approach that Brian shares, “facilitator and counselor and coach” is the Marlboro approach to education (at least in my experience), it is what I strive for when I am in an educator role, and what I look for in educators I am working with.
And that’s my mini-love-letter to Marlboro, spurned by this little blog entry.

Disparate Threads – Connection

Untitled2 - Copy

This is the next installment of Disparate Threads, a Fantasy-Fiction Blog-Serial that updates twice weekly. To read the story from the beginning (and to learn more about the world and the characters) check out Disparate Threads.

There was nothing but the song.

A purely empty space, with the echo of notes floating in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony. This caught Mikael’s attention. There was nothing to turn her attention to, but she tried to focus anyhow, pushing herself to see what was not there. The lack of discord drew her forward, moving slowly through the nothingness and coming, finally, to rest on a small patch of grass. The open field reached for some time before abruptly [Read More]