That Place I Love

Waldo Lake. I know I've talked about it before, but I just returned from this place and I wanted to share with all of you a little taste of my experience there this year. This year was different than my previous visits, for a few reasons. We realized that my family started camping here 31 … Continue reading That Place I Love


Fight Fake News – Know Your Sources!

There has been an epidemic of fake news throughout the election, and it continues now.  It's been a problem on all sides (because there are certainly more than two "sides" going on right now).  A lot of misinformation gets spread through this fake news -- and some people seem to think that they can draw … Continue reading Fight Fake News – Know Your Sources!

Before Transformation Comes Goo

I spotted this gem on Facebook the other day. And it resonated with me so much.  So very much. Here's the thing, that caterpillar may or may not know what it's going to end up like.  It knows that it needs to do this thing, creating a chrysalis, but it may not know what the … Continue reading Before Transformation Comes Goo