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If We Were Having Coffee (#9) Midweek Edition!

Oh, I am so happy for the way the timing of the coffee chat worked out this week!  I’d been planning on having mid-week coffee because of the Stage to Screen Blog Fest that’s coming up  this weekend, but then I ended up being a bit unable to post this previous weekend as well.

So, let’s grab some coffee during a break today.  I’m going to enjoy one of these awesome creations from my local coffee- cart… I am a bit addicted to them I think.  But I love that they know me, and I can visit with them in the morning, and that they know my default go-to’s, but also are happy to make me something when I simply say: “I want something caffeinated and yummy.”

If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about the crazy-weekend.  I relocated (so all of my stuff is in one location now, instead of two different sides of town), and spent the bulk of the weekend figuring out how to fit everything into the small space.  I’m almost done – it’s a tight fit but I managed it, and am rather proud of myself for the creative solutions I figured out.  It’s been kind of fun to have a game of “furniture, books and clothing Tetris” to play, but I am looking forward to returning to spending my “free” time on my writing.  Other than some hurried editing on Sunday I haven’t been able to work on Disparate Threads writing for about a week!

It also has meant that I haven’t had much time to read other blogs, or comment, or interact on twitter and facebook — thing I enjoy doing and try to keep on top of.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start jumping back in soon, trying to do a bit at a time… it can just get a bit overwhelming when there’s so much to read and so much to do!

Looking forward to the Stage to Screen Blogathon this weekend:  I’ll be writing up a review of Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Rent and a hopes and wishes speculation on Into The Woods (and some general observations of musicals-turned-movies).

I’m also looking forward to the Masquerade Ball that I’ll be hosting October 25th through 31st.  Still hoping that more people will join (and I’m so nervous… you know that feeling when you’re hosting a party but aren’t sure if anyone will show up?  Though Hannah Givens, Allison Maruska, and Patricia Lynne have already said they’ll join in the fun so you know it will be awesome 🙂

Since I’ve been asked to explain a little more… basically it’s a blog-hop/flash-fiction/party/whatever…  The idea is people write something (or create something, could be photography, artwork, a song, anything really) on their blog that week that can tie to the theme of “masquerade ball.”  They let me know that they’ve posted something (tossing the link in the comments section of the page I’ll put up at the start of the week, giving a link-back to that post, sending me an email letting me know they’ve done it.. something like that), and I’ll share the posts, and put together a page with links to all the posts.  In my mind this has taken the form of a huge party, where in one room you may encounter vampires and ghosts, while another room might have elaborate costumes and people dancing, while somewhere else could be something completely different.  I want people to play with it and to have fun!  I also invite those who may not have a blog (or have a blog but a post like this wouldn’t fit into their blog) to write something that I can post here.  If you’re interested in participating (or want more information, or have specific questions) go ahead and fill out the contact form later so we can be in touch!

I’m also gearing up for National Novel Writing Month.  I can’t believe we’re halfway through October… Looking forward to putting most of my other work aside and focusing on the frantic madness of trying to complete a novel in a month.  I have an outline, fairly well-developed characters (it’s a story I started working on a few years ago) and high hopes!

What are you up to these days?  Enjoying the start of fall (for those of us in the part of the world where fall is starting…).  As we roll along into the holiday season are things gearing up for you, or starting to settle?  Are you participating in NaNo?



If We Were Having Coffee (8)

Let’s have coffee at my place today.  I just spent yesterday doing all that detail-type cleaning that is easy to overlook when you aren’t having anyone over, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping the corners, things like that — so it’s nice and clean.  And I have some leftover homemade (baked) applesauce to share as well!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that once again my weekend got taken over by unexpected plans.  Honestly, I’m not complaining, but now I’m really going to need to work on being focused on my writing because I have a feeling weekends between now and the end of January are going to be more and more like this, filling up with unexpected gatherings and things to do.

The remains….

I got to get together with a college friend whose been working out here for the summer, probably one of the last times we’ll get to hang out before her gig here is up.  We lucked into an immediate parking space, downtown, on a Friday, so decided we probably should just wander around and find somewhere to eat.  It was fun to walk around the city — another reminder that I don’t do that nearly enough.  Conveyor-belt-sushi ended up being the dinner of choice this week — she’d never had the experience of being able to select the sushi you wanted based just on what looked good as it moved around the bar.  The downside, it ALWAYS leads to over-eating… we were both SO full when we left there.  But the night was not done!  There was a random brass-band to listen to, coffee to be had, before she had to start the long drive back to work.

Friday afternoon a high-school friend had mentioned that she’d be in town on Saturday, and was looking to hang out with people.  In what we decided was probably record-time a party was organized, and I was hosting.  Wine, desserts, cheese, apples, hot-tub and lots of visiting, it ended up being a great evening!

If we were having coffee I’d also be bouncing about my new toy.  A really cool toy.  One that used to belong to my great-grandfather (we think that’s whose it was at least).  20141004_142806I did a little bit of research to discover it is from the late 1930s. (They have a cool little history page, which helped me identify this is a post-merger, interwar-period office machine…)I ordered new ribbons and then decided to see if the ones in it still worked and…they do!  So some of my writing today may be on this beauty!  I’ve always found that my writing is different, and the ideas flow differently when I work in a different medium, so it’ll be fun to have a typewriter to work with again!

How has your week been?

If We Were Having Coffee (7)

Today I’m fitting coffee in, just barely.  Long and crazy week feeding into short and busy weekend….

Honestly, I hardly remember the start of the week anymore.  I know that it was kind of rough, that I’ve been tired, and a lot of little annoyances have happened at work (mostly dealing with people asking questions that they would know the answers to if they stopped being lazy and actually looked at the information they were provided).  Yeah.. challenging.  Every day I’ve wished was Friday.

I had a friend over Monday night which was fun, we had a good visit and some much needed laughter.

I haven’t been making much progress on my writing… I’ve been exhausted when I get home and it’s been challenging to focus.  I had some real solid goals set for this weekend but… the weekend is looking like it isn’t going to have a whole lot of time in it.

But this was Banned Book Week — and that was kind of cool.  The first event of “The Season,” I did my best to promote what posts I could, to read and respond where I could, and have compiled a Pinterest Board with a bunch of the posts.  I’m starting to get a feel for how this whole “Season” thing will work and am rather pleased with it (and still looking for other events to put on the schedule!  Do you have any ideas?)

What’s on the docket this weekend?  Well, this morning was getting up and out of the house earlier than normal (6:38 bus instead of 6:50) so that I could proctor for the GRE subject tests… fun times let me tell you.  Though, I do prefer being on the proctoring side than the taking side of these.  It’s just a few hours of sitting in a room watching people take tests….

Soon I’ll be off to my Mom’s to clear some space in the room that holds some of my stuff (and on occasion me) for storage purposes.  I haven’t seen them in a while, so it’ll be nice to catch up with Mom, my Grandma and one of my brothers — even if it is a brief visit.  Because my plan is to be back home again before bedtime, so that I can hopefully get one good-nights-sleep in this weekend.  Sunday morning will be writing time… Since next week marks the week where I run out of my buffer both here and on Disparate Threads.  Then I have my regular Game Group Sunday night.

Next week is the start of the year, student’s return to campus… so it’s sure to be a busy time.   Next weekend, though — I promise you, next weekend I can linger longer, because I plan to schedule ABSOLUTELY NOTHING next weekend.  It will be much needed.

If We Were Having Coffee (6)

Coffee time.  I’m a bit bedraggled this morning, don’t mind the blurry eyes and yawning.  Last night I made some frustrating discoveries, but nothing can be done about them until Monday.  Monday lunch-break on the phone trying to iron things out is not what I want to do, and though I can’t do anything about it until Monday, I wasn’t able to sleep well last night.  Well, once I got to sleep… decided to push through some editing first, and got to remember how much I love one of the upcoming characters in Disparate Threads.  I know parents aren’t supposed to have favorite children, but are authors allowed to have favorite characters… because I certainly do.

It wasn’t really a bad week, other than a few “eyebrow-raised” moments at some people who passed through the office.  The school year is starting up soon, so we are seeing a lot of lost people looking for admissions or advising.  How they find their way to our office when the people who are supposed to be there can’t seem to ever discover where we are is beyond me.

Outside of work, I decided to host a social “Season” on the blogs — you should take a look at it and host an event!  The more people who participate, the more fun it will be!

I got to go out on Friday night Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee (6)

If We Were Having Coffee (5)

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this feature?’s supposed to be a beautiful day here today, so let’s grab our coffee outside.  Enjoy the sun before it gets too hot today, and before it starts spending its days tucked behind the clouds.

I’m actually looking forward to a somewhat laid-back week and weekend coming up.  Today I feel kind of like I’ve been running a marathon, it seems like there’s just been so much happening.

This week I spent much of my time wrangling HTML, fonts, and wording.  At work I’m working on a manual about my job, and also helping revamp our webpage so… lots of word-crafting, and playing with HTML to get pages how I want them.  On top of that, I’ve been coming home and finding myself wrangling more layout and HTML over on Disparate Threads – I have a vision for how I want things to work, and realized that I have enough content now that I can start creating the bones for that vision… and hopefully Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee (5)

If We Were Having Coffee… #4

Come on in, today I don’t have the energy for a coffee shop.  I didn’t get shopping so …  I know there’s some sugar and maybe some milk if you want it.  But, coffee, there is most certainly coffee.  Me, though, I suppose I should probably refrain.  Friday I ended up having so much coffee that I probably should detox if I want any hope of it helping me on Monday morning.

How has your week and weekend been?  What have I been up to?  Well….

It was a strange week for me — Monday was a holiday, and then Friday I had to go in for Jury Duty so, it was kind of a three-day week for me.  Yet, I managed to do some web-redesigning, manual-writing, and training in some new parts of the job — a short but highly productive week!

Claw machine!

Thursday night I met up with a friend I always have a good time with.  We planned on dinner and drinks, and — after a long visit over dinner and drinks — we decided to try the claw-machine in the entry of the restaurant.  It was so much fun — a lot of fun… and we decided we wanted more.  So I consulted with my local video-arcade expert (okay, really he’s the go-to for pinball machine locations, but I figured that would be a good start — and is it strange to  be able to respond to “I wonder if there is somewhere we could play more games like that at this hour” with “I’ve got a guy for that, let me make a call.”)

We ended up somewhere that we could play nickel games and claw machines for a  trying to get tickets and prizes… and stayed there for a while burning our way through the time with laughter and fun.  At some moments I’m pretty sure I reverted to a five-year-old (I know I did when I was picking my prizes!)  It was spectacular.

Editing on the netbook screen was a challenge… three windows, tiny-print…but I made it work!

Friday morning I ended up getting excused from Jury Duty pretty early on, so put the rest of that day writing… well, editing, honestly.  I also exploring the downtown of the town I grew up in, an area I had really not spent much time in.  However, I kept going back to the coffee shop.. and having more coffee…. so… much… coffee…  But, Callie has been wrangled!  I am quite nearly done editing her sections and then I can let her take a break for a while while I move on to the others, so it may have been worth the coffee overload!

An amazing rainbow in a fountain -- I loved spotting this treasure!
An amazing rainbow in a fountain — I loved spotting this treasure!

I topped off the evening with a lovely visit with Mom and Grandma, enjoying talking with them both till way later than any of us probably should have been awake.

Saturday… oh Saturday.  Saturday was the reason I didn’t head back to where I’ve been staying, because on Saturday I was needed for some work at my Mom’s.  Up early, with a friend coming over to help unload a POD of stuff.   According to the pedometer on my phone I did over 3500 steps between 8 and noon, as the heat climbed to 90. (I ended the day with 5,495, pretty good for me.. but man are my feet going to hate me in the morning).

Unloading was kind of crazy, playing box-and-furniture-Tetris to get things into their other temporary storage locations.  But it was really nice to 1) be able to sustain the energy to help (and to have a friend, and my brother, who took on some of the lifting and moving when I needed to take it a little slower and deal with the box-jenga details.) and 2) to be so productive!  What a way to kick-start my day.

Kind of wanted to take a nap after that, but I had a scheduled afternoon theology-book group to go to (we’re slowly starting into Bonhoeffer’s  The Cost of Discipleshipthis was our first meeting).  It ended up easing into a 6-hour catch-up and theology and general life conversation with a friend I have known since we were very little but haven’t gotten to hang out with a whole lot since we were probably in Elementary school.

It was a weekend were I was being reminded of why I love theology and theological discussion — and of some of the  challenges I face in doing such.  Sometimes there aren’t words to quite explain what I want to say (a truly frustrating problem when “words” are your craft), and often times words have so many meanings that you have to dig beyond the words to understand what you are all actually speaking about.  It’s a challenge… and I love it.

If We Were Having Coffee…#3

Today let’s meet at one of my favorite coffee shops, I have a few and I don’t make it to any of them as often as I’d like.  I’ll settle back with my fru-fru latte… because it feels like a flavored latte kind of day.

How’s your week been?  Any fun plans for this holiday weekend (if it is a holiday weekend for you)?  I am just going to write, and chat online with some friends… it will be awesome.

It’s been a strange week, ups and downs.  Some of it is not worth going into, passing frustrations and the like.  But it started out fun, and ended with many reminders of the really amazing friends I have — some of whom are going through some tough times.  Prayers, or good thoughts, or whatever your own method of sending positive energy into the world and to people in need, would be most welcome.

So, the week started out with one of those moments that I imagine, someday, I might be able to wrangle into a plot premise.  Seriously, if you look over my life I have all these snippets that could serve as great fodder for chick-lit, or rom-com… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee…#3