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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Gluten-Free Goodies and READING!

wordswag_15073188796611453091488.pngWeekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?
All are welcome! Just add your link to the Linky-List, and be sure to visit others and join in their conversations! The link will be open from October 20th at 7am (Pacific Time) through October 23rd at 7pm (Pacific Time) to give us a good range of “weekend”!

Welcome friends!

I’ll invite you to join me for coffee this week over some delicious Gluten-Free baked goods. Really, they have to be delicious — I’m not a fan of that cardboard/healthy-tasting Gluten-Free nonsense. I make spectacular cinnamon rolls! If I have to eat Gluten-Free I want to at least get to enjoy it!

Why the GF goodies this week? Because I’m excited about my weekend plans! Saturday I’ll spend a portion of the morning at a Gluten-Free Festival! This is the third year I’ll be attending, it looks like there may be a few new vendors this year and I’m looking forward to seeing what products might be coming out and tasting all the samples.

Look at all the swag from last year!

Last year I was pretty inspired, so I’m hoping to come home afterwards and get some food prep and cooking done. I definitely need to do some – my prepared lunch options are quickly dwindling, and I don’t usually have the energy to do much food-work during the week.

I might share that I’ve been dealing the past few weeks with a pain flare-up that I think is finally getting under control. It’s strange for me to adjust to the fact that random instances of pain are just to be expected, but I’m thankful for a rheumatologist who is happy to work with me and communicates well via email. This latest thing was a stiffness, followed by joint pain, in my dominant hand pointer finger.

Let me tell you, I hadn’t realized just how much I use that finger in every-day-work until it hurt to bend it or have pressure on the knuckles! I’ve been doing a lot of writing – and with NaNo coming up in a few weeks will be doing even more typing — so it’s nice that things are starting to subside. Would hate to be unable to participate this year due to pain! And, sure, I could dictate the thing but… I just don’t think the same when I’m narrating something as I do when I’m writing it. I learned that a few years back when my roommate kindly typed up a paper for me when I was working on my Master’s Degree and my tendinitis was flaring up something fierce.

Fun side-effect of that time — he now probably recalls more about that paper than I do.

This weekend is also Dewey’s 24-hour ReadAThon! So between the gluten-free-browsing and the potential cooking, I’m also going to be READING! Clearly, I won’t be going for the full 24-hours, but I have a little stack of books that I dug out of my piles to read through. I need to start cutting down on my collection, so these ones seem good ones to read in hopes of maybe then being able to part with them.

Or, you know, maybe I’ll bury myself in Allison Maruska’s Seventh Seed — her new book that’ll be launching on the 24th! I got an Advanced Reader Copy and am super-excited to get through it!
Wow, when I started sharing I hadn’t realized how much I’m fitting into this weekend! Best get moving on it — what are you up to this weekend?


Weekend Coffee Share: Weddings and Memorials

Since we’re imagining coffee together I’m also going to imagine a location. Because I’d love to be taking coffee with you on a sun-porch, looking out at the leaves starting to turn colors. I love the fall. Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve gotten to enjoy the moment of gifts where the trees provide spectacular colors as the leaves die and drop, making way for new growth in the spring. Those days where there’s a crispness in the air, but the sun is shining… I love them. Today I’m particularly wishing I could go for a nice stroll through a hidden away country path, hearing the leaves crunch under my feet. There’s this one trail I’m thinking of, really just a faint shadow of a memory, that ran near my undergrad campus. I haven’t stepped foot on that train for over ten years, but I still find myself drawing back to it (and wishing I had walked it far more when I was there). That’s the kind of mood I’m in this morning, steeped in the quiet of fall and the air of memory. I’d love to hear some of your favorite fall memories — what has the season been like where you have lived?

Vermont Fall Foliage (courtesty chensiyuan, via Wikepedia)

The weekends activities may be contributing to this feeling a bit. I have two events going on, Saturday afternoon I’m working a vendor table at a Wedding Showcase. I’m excited, I’ve never worked (or attended) anything like this and think it should be fun. Added bonus, one of my friends (very) recently got engaged and is going to be attending with a few of our other friends – so I’ll get to see them too! I’m anticipating a combination of excitement and stress from the people attending, and hoping it’s a productive (and, yes, lucrative – both in the fiscal and the potential new contacts way) time! Sunday afternoon I’m attending the memorial service for an older woman who attended the congregation I grew up in. I didn’t know her super-well, but have a few memories of her – she and her husband owned this amazing house which had a swimming pool in the back yard, and for a number of summers they’d offer use of their pool in the church auction. My family got it at least once, and it was a pretty magical time. They also hosted a number of parties and celebrations, and we attended a few of those. It will be nice to see some of the people who go to the memorial, and to hear more about the life of this pretty awesome woman. That’s my weekend plans, what are you up to? I’d love to hear! Weekend Coffee share is a blog-hop that’s been around for a while, being hosted at different sites – and now I’m going to take up the mantle.

I’m having trouble getting the Linky list to work correctly- so feel free to add a link to your post in the comments below – and try to find some time to visit others!

Weekend Coffee Share meets Banned Book Week!

Goodness. So, if we were having coffee I’d tell you that WAY back in January I had this silly idea. The idea was that I was going to be on top of my blogging. I had A PLAN. I was going to post REGULARLY. AND I was going to participate in all sorts of regularly occurring blogging-events.

So, of course, I end up not even being able to keep up with Insecure Writer’s Support Group and Weekend Coffee Share… Sigh.

One of the things I was certainly planning for, from the start of the year, was Banned Book Week. I’ve done something for Banned Book Week every year since I really started keeping up with the blog. And then we hit mid-September this year and I realized I hadn’t done anything in the past few months to get ready.

Yeah… so… I have to change that.

So my weekend is going to be spent sleeping, cooking, and getting some posts together for Banned Book Week!

I’d invite everyone to participate in Banned Book Week with me this year! Even if you haven’t had a chance to prepare – join me for the Banned Book Week Bloggers of the Last Minute!

How to participate? Easy –

  • Write a post to talk about a book you love that has been banned or challenged some time in the past 17 years (there’s a list here – I bet you can find a book on it you’ve read!)
  • Read one of the top 10 challenged/banned books from 2016 and share your thoughts
  • Participate in the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament!
  • Learn some about the reasons behind one of the top challenged/banned books and share what you’ve learned.

Or something else awesome – anything to help promote awareness of Banned and Challenged Books!

On Sunday I’ll put up a pinned post for the Banned Book Week Bloggers of the Last Minute – feel free to drop a link to your posts there and I’ll share them and repost as I can!

Me, I’ve picked up two of the books that made the Top Ten list which I’ve been wanting to read anyhow, so I hope to read them and write some about them this week. I’ll have some other posts too – sharing information and such.

So, I’d best get to reading!

Weekend Coffee Share – Out and About Again

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I had fully intended to write this post on Friday. I’d taken the day off from work, you see, to have a day to take care of some odds and ends. One of those things was to finally get myself some spinach tortillini in alfredo sauce from Spaghetti Factory. I have been craving that stuff for a few years (along with their bread…yummmm), and practically dreaming of it in the last 6 months or so. However, being Gluten-Sensitive, Tortellini and bread are not generally on my eating list. I had to make sure that I was having it on a day when I could afford to be pretty well useless for the rest of the day if I needed (wheat gives me a ridiculous brain fog). Well, Friday was the day – it just fell into place that it was a possibility for me to enjoy some Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It was just as awesome as I remembered, delicious and amazing. So worth it. Then we got out to the car. And it wouldn’t start. Thank goodness my mom (who had been my lunch date) has AAA! They got us started, but we’ve got some battery corrosion to attend to. I finished off the evening with meeting up wiht a friend and her family for some Frozen Hot Chocolate to celebrate the end of the first week of school for the girls. So much fun, but MAN was I tired by the time I got home. Today I woke up early (well, the normal time for me to wake up to go to work – which is not my normal wake up time on the weekends) and hopped in the car with some other ladies to drive up past Seattle for a Jamberry meeting. There are some big changes happening in the company, and it was nice to get a little more information on some of that – and it’s always nice to get to sit with other consultants and spend some time talking the business! Now, as I write this, I am actually babysitting my 3 month old niece so my sister and brother-in-law can have some grown-up time. They put her to sleep before they left but, as kids do, she woke up shortly after they left. But, let me tell you, that girl was TIRED. I think perhaps she had decided that Auntie Al needed to get more cardio in her day …. Well, as is the way with infants – the little one decided to wake up as I was writing, so I spent the rest of the time keeping her entertained 🙂 Now on my way home, enjoying a lovely train ride along the Sound – Ieven managed to get a seat with a table — never had one of these before, it’s awesome! Such beautiful scenery so, yes – lets pretend that we are sitting together at this table, enjoying the scenery together! How has your weekend been?

Weekend Coffee Share: Long Weekend

If we were having coffee I’d be pretty tired. I’m trying a new medication, and have been fighting a cold all week (started out with a killer sinus headache last Sunday), and am just kind of ready to sleep. And I plan to do a fair amount of that this long weekend, well, sleep and visit with family and friends. And some grocery shopping and such. Because, well, life.

I’d tell you that I’ve been having fun playing with Midnight Monster – he’s been extra cuddly this week (I think he knows I need it) and that’s been really sweet. He also likes the re-arranging I did in our living space last weekend (before the headache hit), gives him far more space to romp around in!

We’ve also had a stray-cat visitor for a while now. They hang out near the window, and taunt Midnight Monster from the fence. He’s fun to observe, and a total bad ass.

And once again I didn’t finish writing this before the weekend started, so now I’m going to post it have finished so at least I get some coffee share with you all! What have you been up to this weekend?

Weekend Coffee Share: Relaxation, some…

Glad you could join me for coffee again!  This weekend I’m back home, enjoying some relaxation time — and a little cleaning and Jamberry work, of course.  My goal is to also get a little writing time in as well, though part of my challenge is figuring out what I want to write.  I haven’t exactly had a lot of inspiration lately — unless I start venturing into the realm of non-fiction. It might happen….

Last weekend was awesome. I am completely in love with my niece – she is adorable and sweet. 2 months old and she’s just starting to engage with the world around her. It was a lot of fun to get to “play” with her, coo over her a bit, and help rock her to sleep.  It was also wonderful to get to catch up with my sister — the two of us haven’t had the chance to really visit and hang out together in a long time.

I’m starting to get excited about next weekend now, I have next Monday off so that I can see the solar eclipse.  While where I live is only going to be a partial eclipse (like, 90%+) I am actually going down to stay with a friend in the path of totality. I’ve been working on this plan for over a year – and am excited that I’ll get to see this pretty awesome event and get to spend some quality time with my friend and her family. We’re just hoping that the Oregon weather cooperates to give us a clear-enough sky to really appreciate it!  Also hoping that the drive down (the day before the eclipse) and the drive home (the same day as the eclipse) go smoothly. There is so much that could go wrong with so many people flooding that area….

I started writing this Friday morning, and now it’s Saturday and I’ve been doing a lot of napping, and also a lot of looking at the news coming out of Charlottesville.  The news is disheartening, frightening, and another one of those cold shocks of reality – and I’m finding it hard to write about much else at the moment. It’s also causing me to reflect some on the ways in which my illness (which is still being figured out and treatments are still being worked on) is limiting the level of involvement that I am able to have in taking any sort of action and being any sort of a voice against this.  It’s a lot to process, and I’m tossing it around in my mind – but don’t really want to ramble my way through it at you right now so that’s all I’m going to say for now.

I hope that you are having a good weekend, staying safe and getting some relaxation in. Take care of yourself out there.

Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly check-in, hosted by Part-Time Monster.  Join us!

Weekend Coffee Share: Mini-Vacation Family Time!

Coffee this week will be in a new setting. I’m going up to the Seattle area for the weekend, meeting my almost-2-month-old niece!! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be heading up there, getting to spend some quality time with the little family.

That’s really ALL I have on my schedule for the weekend. The goal has been to treat this as a vacation. I’m stopping in Seattle proper to have lunch with my cousin (and meet her little one, who is about a year old now) before continuing on to my sisters place. Then the weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and niece where I will have nothing to do but lend a hand as needed, hang out, and visit.

It’s going to be fabulous.

While it’s the end of the summer for many people, to me it feels like the begining of my vacation time. At my work things don’t pick up until October, and August and September tend to be our slowest months, so it’s a good time for vacations and days off. I’ve got this trip this weekend, a day off for the eclipse in a few weeks, and then a few days in September – just because.

There are a few more things I wanted to get taken care of before I get officially started on my vacation (taking a Bolt Bus up to Seattle so have the trip to get things done) so I’m going to start moving on those — but wanted to just say hi!

I’ll be sharing pictures from my trip on Instagram, otherwise, I’ll see you guys back here next weekend. Still trying to think of what other posts I might want to do this month, but I’m at least going to be doing my Coffee Shares!

Hope you all have a good weekend!!

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