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Writer Origin Story: An ode to books!

I decided to give the DPchallenge a try!

The challenge: Write your Writer Origin Story!
In my own, meandering way, that’s what I’ve done. It’s interesting how little pieces of this reflection make me think of other things I want to write.  I’m pretty sure the “Origin Story” of me as a writer is more than one entry — but this is where it starts.

I was a reader before I was a writer.  Fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by people who loved books and stories, and who were eager to share that love of the written word with me.

My parents read to us, my teachers read to me, even my grandparents — on the rare visits (they lived far away) — would read to us. Our home had bookcases, at some point my dad even built a massive set of bookcases to hold all the books we had. Books were a common, and always happily received, gift on the holidays, it seemed even the great figures of the holidays were in on the book-gifting, Santa would leave us a book outside our door on Christmas morning.

I love books, stories, and reading, and when I look back at how I was raised, I’m not sure I could have escaped such a fate. Certainly, I don’t think any of my siblings did — there are five of us, and we all still read plenty. Both sets of grandparents were readers, and my still-living grandparents still devour books and the printed word across genres.

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