#BannedBooksWeek -A Day In the Life of Marlon Bundo

Book number two on the list this year - A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, by Jill Twiss. First published in March of 2018, this book pretty immediately met with both praise and challenges. Part of its quick rise in attention was likely due to the fact that it was presented on Last … Continue reading #BannedBooksWeek -A Day In the Life of Marlon Bundo


#BannedBooksWeek: Captain Underpants!

Today's guest post comes from Allison Maruska (another fairly regular visitor over the years on this blog (particularly during some of my fiction projects!) Allison is an author of mystery, suspense, and YA novels. On her blog, she publishes short stories, bonus material to accompany her books, posts about writing and teaching, and an occasional … Continue reading #BannedBooksWeek: Captain Underpants!

#BannedBooksWeek – George, and some recommendations!

Topping the list this year is George, by Alex Gino. This is not the first year that George is on the list. Some of this years challenges particularly caught my attention because they came out of my state. Oregon had George on its list of books for the Oregon Battle of the Books (a great … Continue reading #BannedBooksWeek – George, and some recommendations!