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I wasn’t as excited for this weekend until I got my last phone call of the day. Angry phone call, from someone who clearly didn’t want to hear any of the options I had to provide them, but wanted to bitch me out while claiming they understood that it wasn’t my fault things were how they are, but didn’t appreciate it when I told them they were definitely taking it out on me (they hung up on me). I was so mad, I try to approach all the upset people with care and understanding, I try to provide options and possibilities for them, I try to give them what chances I can to express their frustration to the proper places. But this one was not willing to hear it. Clearly declining the options I was providing them but still blaming me for what they were unhappy about.

I stayed calm through the call, but was so mad. When they finally hung up on me I just cried. Crying is my anger response these days, apparently, and it sucks. I had been having a good week so far – things had been pretty quiet, I had a meeting Thursday morning where I got to see some of my old colleagues and had a productive afternoon. And then this one call just shatters it all. I wish people understood how much their actions like that can impact someone else.

I’m going to try to get past it, I have a lot of homework that needs to be done, I have a meeting with a friend on Saturday where we’re finally going to finish my Regency wardrobe pattern and get some of my dresses pinned in order to tailor them to fit me better. I’ve been looking forward to doing this since MARCH (when we originally had a date planned). I just hate how one negative thing can knock so much of that out of the way and pull me down.

What do you have going on this weekend? How do you handle it when someone else’s actions hit you strongly?


11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Thank Goodness it’s the weekend

  1. So sorry your weekend had to start like that or the last day of the week as I understand it. It is frustrating when people throw back at you something that you have done your best with. In situations like that, I let my emotions get out, by getting angry and by crying if I need to, but I don’t let it get the better of me. And it’s good that you have friends around you to deviate from the situation too. It’s just a shame when other people try to blame or hit others with their own frustrations like that. You deserve a stress fee weekend. Have fun! And thanks for the coffee share.


  2. Hi Alli and, well, yuck!

    I can think of plenty of formulas for dismissing the words of this jerk, disarming him/her from even qualifying to tear into you, but the bottom line for almost any civilized person is to just be sad and injured that someone would take out their problems on you. I don’t think there is a formula that would take away such pain. I’m sorry you had to endure such an outburst. It sounds like the problem really is on their side of that phone call. But emotional pain easily spreads via any path and a phone call certainly provided the bridge in this case.

    Go on being the adult. Forgive and help them if you can. Dismiss this memory and move on when you are ready. You have a wonderful path before you, but as you noticed, it is not without a few thorn bushes. You have plenty of people who would never dream of dumping such a burden on you. Lean on us as you feel it would help. We will always welcome you.


  3. So sorry you had such a terrible person on the phone. I remember the 1, one, day I worked as a receptionist at the doctor’s office. Everything was going fine. I was making appointments, listening to people’s pain/sickness, and giving an understanding ear. Then, I got that “one” call… person accused me of being a child playing on the phone, continued to berate me for the sound of my voice. I turned the call over to the other receptionist… and five minutes later, was fired. I’d never been fired from a job in my life… and totally not anything I could do about it. God gave me this voice, after all. I had a good cry, too. Went back to the hiring agency. They didn’t have anything else as what they had was all call center work and given what just happened… Maybe that doesn’t help much, save to say that it happens to all of us at one time or another for some reason. May I send you a hug…. consider yourself hugged til you can’t breathe. (Hugs)


  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. People are such jerks. Lately I’ve been able to gain a bit more control when that happens by telling myself (repeatedly if I have to) that they WILL NOT ruin my day.

    Oh no, honey, you don’t have that kind of power over me. Take it somewhere else.

    It’s not an immediate mood changer but it has helped by reminding myself that if I stew over for a length of time, I’m giving them the control/power. Nope. I try to focus my thoughts on something, anything else.

    I hope you had an AMAZING weekend that brought you some joy.

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