#WeekendCoffeeShare – Lovely Fall Weekend

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

Grab a cup of coffee and share with us!  What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans?  Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?

Join us for some coffee time!

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If we were having coffee this week I’d say we should enjoy it outside. Since it is looking like it’s going to be a nice, crisp, fall weekend. Warm enough to be outside (maybe with a sweater), but still dry.

I have HOPES for the weekend. My dad and stepmom are going to be in town, so we’re looking for somewhere to safely get together to visit, I haven’t seen them since… well I think it’s been since Thanksgiving last year. I was scheduled to go up for a visit in March, but then Pandemic hit, and they were going to come down here a few weeks ago but the smoke got in the way of all of their camping plans. It will be really good to see them again.

I also have some high hopes to not only get homework and online-friend time in, but also to do some organizing and cleaning in the main part of the house. I would like to re-discover the living room and dining room (which has become something of a holding zone over the past few months).

One of my homework assignments right now actually involves all of you. My class about Web and Data mining is doing a project where we are looking at text over a series of webpages. I was trying to think of pages that might be interesting to look at, which would have enough different content to be interesting, but would also have the potential for some patterns to emerge. So I decided to look at Weekend Coffee Share posts. Instead of just looking at my own posts, I’ve gone ahead and pulled all the shared posts (along with my own) for September and October (so far). It will be interesting to see what kind of similar language we might all have, what topics come up, if there are themes I can tell (or if it’s all just a mess because everyone’s framing content gets counted in there as well so that will repeat every week and make it seem like those are common words). I’ll be sure to share any insight I find though.

Stomach is still being mean to me, I have an upper endoscopy scheduled to take a look, but it’s not until after Thanksgiving so I continue to just wait.

This week I also have a somewhat random question for you all. I was talking to my boss the other day and mentioned that I have a twin, which I followed with “but we really don’t talk much.” I realized afterwards that what I said could sound like there’s an interesting story, or something there. But there isn’t, we just don’t talk much. It made me think about what things other people might have, random facts about themselves that sound interesting but really aren’t. Do you have a random interesting-sounding, but actually rather mundane, fact about yourself?

Hope you’re having a good week and have good weekend plans.

13 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Lovely Fall Weekend

  1. I produced a TV series once with Edward Wessex….who also happened to be Prince Edward – and I met with him at his office at “The Buck” – Buckingham Palace…his Mom’s dogs raced down the hallway outside his office as he served me biscuits and tea himself.

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  2. You’re welcome to use my posts, both shared here, and on my page if ya’ want to. 🙂 ❤ Good luck with your paper. Can't say I know what "mining" is, but that's okay. It's funny how, in this pandemic, we suddenly "live" in our houses…clutter is the "norm". Don't sweat it! A random fact… I'm short. Hard to tell through the screen, but I'm 4'll in a 5'7 world! Pretty mundane… until you try to go to the grocery/library/department store…

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    1. lol, yeah, the clutter is just so… everywhere! I did make a little progress this morning. Because of the stomach issues I also don’t have as much energy as I did even a few months ago, so having to remember to pace myself.

      Data Mining is, well, kind of what it sounds like. Digging through things to find something — in this case, digging through the language used on a bunch of blogs to see if there are patterns in the things that we’re all talking about! It’s used in a variety of fields, and there are a lot of potential uses for it in librarianship, so it’s been kind of cool to learn some of the tools to use for it.

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      1. Now that you describe it, it’s familiar to me. Only we always just called it “research”. I love finding patterns in things, though it’s usually the artist side of me that does that. what I really enjoy doing is watching people… love the little idiosyncs and behavioral ‘tells’… I guess I picked up that love from reading Sherlock when I was young. Really helped when I worked in Social Services, too. Now, I just watch people and think of how they would make good characters in my writings.


  3. That is so interesting about the data mining and how you can look at all our coffee shares and see if there is any patterns. That’s so cool and yes, you have to share afterwards!!! 😀

    I can’t think of something about me that sounds interesting but isn’t? The only thing I can think of is I’m left handed, but I’m both handed but I’m not a true ambidextrous person. I write with my left hand, but eat with my right hand. I play tennis with my right hand, yes I use the racket in my right hand, so strange because you’d think I’d use my left. When playing softball, same thing – I bat right hand and even stranger is I throw with my right arm (badly, like a girl, haha!) But I want to catch with my right but I have to catch with my left with the mitt, so my brain is confused if I’m outfield!! I can paint with both hands but use my left for detail work…. It’s all so weird! Haha, I’m not exactly normal when it comes to left and right handedness! Have a great weekend! ❤️

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  4. What an exciting idea to look for the patterns in our coffee shares, be sure to share the result 🙂 I hope that you find the perfect place to meet your dad and step mom.
    I don’t exactly know what interesting facts to share about myself..LOL. I grew up in an extremely religious home reading the bible for one hour/day, going to church three times a week..I’m tall, a minimalist with a capsule closet, 5’10..confident ..I cook all my food from scratch..I’ve met the King of Sweden, and Merle Haggard.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

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  5. I hope your weekend meet-up with your parents went well and your week turned out to be wonderful. One interesting fact about me: I’ve been living a car-free lifestyle for many years. I don’t own a car and walk or bike year-round. Look forward to hearing the results of your data mining.

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  6. Hi Alli. I’d love to hear how this project turns out for you and if wandering through my story collection would help, I bow slightly and raise an arm to welcome you into my small archive. Random fact: umm, okay, on a rare trip for our anniversary my wife and I almost accidentally helped take down the Berlin wall. You can check it out at the story link for it. https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/stories/an-unforgettable-10th-anniversary/
    It proved to be quite memorable.


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