#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Lot. I’m getting good at descriptive headlines…..

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I’ve got an awful lot to post about, and my energy is a bit worn out — so here goes!

First, I want to say, savor your breathable air when you have it. Last weekend, when the air was downright toxic here in the Portland Metro area, I was a little surprised at how hard it was to do anything. I didn’t have to go out, could keep my window shut tight and my fan going, but still the air filtered itself in. My room got stuffy, and there was this low-level headache that wouldn’t escape. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was when we were back in the green, and I could open the window again. Going outside for more than a second… it was marvelous.

This week, after the air cleared, was very busy. It started out kind of rough. Our little dog, Skipper, had to be put down. He was old, and had recently developed a tumor in his jaw that was growing quickly. When the decision was made he hadn’t been able to eat for a day, and was clearly in pain. But it was wonderful that he was still able to rally some energy to go for a walk that day, and lots of his favorite people came by to see him. I really am grateful for our vet, who had things set up so that we were able to be with him when he was put down. He was my mom’s dog, so she held him as the Vet injected the fluids into his IV. It’s a big change in our house, but he had a good long life, and some super happy last years (and some ultra spoiled last days when we found out that we were measuring the time in days or weeks now. The dog basically got whatever he wanted). Skip will be missed.

A picture of Skipper 5 years ago.

So that was Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had half days from work, because of a little bit of a wonky schedule this weekend. I was going to get homework done, and some other stuff that I needed to get done. But shortly after work got out for me on Tuesday I got notice from a friend that they had spotted a four-shaft loom at Goodwill. The price was good, and it seemed to be in pretty good shape. So I went over to check it out and get it! While I don’t have the space to set it up in quite yet, we’re working on that and it will be SO MUCH FUN to start working on it. I have PLANS, and a warp (a very tangled warp, but… a warp) to work with already. However, I discovered that, while it would fit in my car, it wouldn’t actually fit through the trunk opening for the car…. so I called in reinforcements. I am so lucky to have AWESOME friends who are willing to drive out to help me out with things like this (and who happen to have a trailer they could use). I mean, my friend is awesome for lots of reasons, but this was just one more to add to the list.

However, while I waited I started to feel sick, and dizzy. I recognized the symptoms of the one time I almost passed out – back when I was having a gallstone attack and hadn’t eaten or drank anything for the better part of the day. I didn’t have that level of pain going on, but the other symptoms were familiar. I hadn’t had lunch yet (I thought this was going to be a quick jaunt!) and my breakfast had been light, but… yeah, it wasn’t good. Thankfully my super-hero friend is also a super-hero, so she had water she let me have, and some nuts to eat, so I was able to get myself back together enough to get home safely. But the rest of the day was off, and I really couldn’t get anything done. (I am checking in with my doctor about this issue, as there have been some other lingering symptoms I don’t like).

Those are the big excitements this week.

And next week… well next week is Banned Books Week. And I a completely unprepared for it. I find it ironic that it’s my first Banned Books Week when I am in an MLIS program and it’s the first time since 2014 that I haven’t done something. I’ll just have to plan ahead next year! And, yes, I have absolutely said that before… pretty much every single year I’ve done Banned Books Week.

What are you up to this week? What was last week like for you?


17 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Lot. I’m getting good at descriptive headlines…..

  1. The smoke in Southern California was equally unhealthy – we noticed many of our trees began to shed leaves – and it’s not the season down here for that yet…heavy smoke seems to have eliminated the sun’s healthy rays…hope you feel better!

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  2. Poor you, that week does not really sound like fun. I am sure that your dog will be missed, but that you have many amazing memories to cherish and hold on to.
    I do not envy you for that bad air. I remember the pollution spikes we had in the past, and they were not fun, but nothing against what you are living through at the moment.
    I hope, that you will have a good weekend and that your health is in order, now, having a health problem isn’t recommended…


  3. I do know what you mean about the bad air affecting you. I had to wear a mask inside the house at times in CA.
    Im sorry to hear about your mom’s dog, but it does sound like he had a wonderful, happy dog life, surrounded by love.
    Thank you for the coffee.


  4. Aw, I’m so sorry about Skipper. Sounds like he was super lucky to have you and your family. I live in SE Michigan and we’ve seen changes in our sunset due to the smoke! Wow. Hope you feel better and congrats on the Goodwill find!


  5. So sorry to learn that the dog is no longer with you. It leaves such an empty space. And sorry also that the air quality there is still so bad.

    The air quality, while not so bad as on the West Coast, was too much for me to handle, here in eastern North Dakota during the last half of the week. Just getting my muscle strength back and feeling grateful that I have a nebulizer and a good supply of Albuterol at home. I am still sneezing and coughing, today, but there was rain and the air is become much better. Most of my yesterday was spent in my recliner Zooming within two feet of the HEPA air cleaner.


  6. Hi Ali,
    So sorry to hear about beautiful Skipper. He was gorgeous and I remember how painful it was when our Bilbo died 3 years ago and I was a mess for quite a few weeks afterwards. We ended up getting the two pups a few months after. We had planned to wait a year and even though we had Lady, it wasn’t the same as she’s very quiet and doesn’t chase anything. These days, when we’re being harassed by Rosie to throw things much of the time, I think how easy it could’ve been with only one placid dog. However, love and ease don’t seem to go hand in hand and when you have a big heart to fill, you accept the chaos.
    Best wishes,


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