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Hello everyone,

Guess what! I’m remembering to write this post BEFORE I get to Friday. How wild is that? I’ve got a pretty standard weekend coming up – homework, library internship, and back to work on Monday. This Sunday my final paper is due for one of my classes, so it’ll be nice to get that taken care of. I have this inkling of a hope that I can actually finish it on Friday night, but that will depend on me having the brain power between now and then to get it pulled together (it’s due on Sunday night).

It’s only 3,000-3,5000 words, and has a very specific format that is required (including an abstract and a literature review). Much of the footwork has theoretically been done over the semester through mini-assignments on my school blog (which is, technically, a public blog, if anyone wants to go see some of what I’ve been working on. It will likely go pretty quiet between classes that require it since I’ve got this one (and plenty other things to take my time) but I might update something every now and then). So some of the work is just synthesizing what I’ve already written, and making sure I have enough references included to meet the resources expectations (I’ve used more than enough resources to meet the number, but I have to actually CITE them to include them in my references list).

Then I get to start really focusing on the final project for my other class, which is a small website. Unfortunately it won’t be in a form I can share easily (because web-hosting on the class site ends after the class ends), but I’m going to have some fun using the information I researched last winter as I was working on my Regency costuming in order to make a site which explores some of that material (and meets the requirements of the assignment).

Working on all of that is going to take the bulk of my weekend… along with trying to stay cool! What are you up to?


10 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. I hope that your work on the paper is going well. Best wishes for you in your projects! Brings back memories of times past, as most of my freelancing years included academic style editing, starting out using a Brother typewriter. Nothing exciting going on, here, other than I feel up to restarting my piano exercise books, as I spend more time indoors, this time of year. Have a good week!

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  2. Wow! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Good luck with all your school work. I will mostly be hanging out at home, hiding from the heat!


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