#WeekendCoffeeShare – Classes Starting Soon

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How is it already almost June? It’s another one of those times when I just have to take a moment and re-adjust myself to the reality that time is passing even if it doesn’t feel like it. The last time I was around a group of people was Leap Day, the last time I left the house for work was March 13th, the last time I left the house/yard at ALL was May 16th (when I went to urgent care for my foot). There has been so much happening in that time, but it also feels like it’s all just been in a blink of the eye.

Way when my classes started, in January, I was looking at my “summer break,” the nearly a month between when one semester ended and when the summer sessions started. Now I’m staring at next week, when summer session is going to start and I’ll be plunging headfirst into two classes. I’m also going to be starting an internship at my local library, stepping onto the executive committee of the Special Libraries Association Student Chapter at my school and, or course, working.

I really don’t feel like I’ve had much of a break, there have been too many projects in the air. But I am reminding myself it was still a break, especially compared to what’s coming up. I have a feeling I’m going to be missing these relatively low-activity days soon.

Adding to the things I’m doing this summer is one reading challenge. The Big Book Summer Challenge that I posted about earlier. I’m going to be light on myself with this, not putting up too much stress, but I do want to aim for completing this. I put it up to a vote (both on the blog and on Facebook) and think that the decision has come down to A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. After I finish that (assuming I finish that), I’ll probably then aim for a second read-through of Little Women, and then into Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’m hoping to actually make it through these. I do miss reading actual books and am hoping I’ll be able to dig myself back into it this summer. Of course, if I manage to get my homework done first 😉

What are you up to these days?

6 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Classes Starting Soon

  1. A strange month to be sure, with some good, lots bad, and much unsettled…but as we head into June, and some partial re-opening, I plan to support as many of my local businesses as I can!

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  2. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead, Ali. All the best with it. I’d love to joing you on a reading challenge of greater merit than simply trying to finish my current book, which I love btw. I seem to get rather distracted and I struggle to establish a reading nook without interruptions.
    Hope all goes well for the week ahead and stay safe and well.
    Best wishes,


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