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Hello all! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Mine is full, as it will be for a long time, of homework. Though, I think my workload this weekend is a little lighter than it has been the past few weeks – more reading and less projects – so I’m hoping to also fit in some cleaning and maybe, just maybe, a little weaving or crocheting time while listening to some of the audio-portions of my lectures. I’m WAY behind in the crochet-along that I am doing for the Rose City Yarn Crawl and would really love if I could manage to finish the shawl before the crawl itself (when everyone shows off what they’ve done).

I really appreciate all the input and ideas you shared with me last week!

One thing that I’m still having time to do is “fun reading” via audiobooks. It takes me a fair amount longer to get through one book than it did last year, since my listening pretty much occurs during my commute (when I’m either walking, driving, or on a bus/train that is usually standing room only and too crowded for me to pull a text book out. Sometimes I can scroll a book on my phone, and I’ve gotten ebook versions of a few of my textbooks, but sometimes even that is a challenge – especially when I factor in my autoimmune disease which can make my joints hurt and add in flare-ups of carpal tunnel). I just finished Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim and I really enjoyed it. It was the 6th book I technically finished this year so far, the second one since classes started (the first one got finished the day classes started). I do wonder what my reading will end up looking like this year, with the 1-2 hours a day where I just listen to the audiobook, plus the reading I’ll be doing for school, I’m hoping to still get through a good amount of books — with the goal to not buy books outside of my school books (with a few choice exceptions for highly anticipated continuations of series). So far I’ve managed to do pretty well borrowing from my library – thank goodness for the Libby app!

Once the top banned and challenged books for 2019 are announced (generally in April) I’m sure I’ll be adding some books to the list that I need to read, this year I hope to get my Banned Book Week posts written and ready before we reach that week. If I repeat it every year, eventually it will be true, right?

I’m curious, what are you reading these days?


12 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Good Listens.

  1. I have been reading non-fiction lately: I just finished the latest travel memoir by the legendary Author Paul Theroux called “On The Plain Of Snakes”, where he travels the length and width of Mexico to experience the reality of life there in a Trumpian world….and now I am reading “A Very Stable Genius”, an inside look at the Trump White House…yes, both a bit serious but both fascinating and beautifully written…Theroux’s book gives insight and perspective sadly missing from the news…

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  2. My online (college/alumni) book club looks to be voting for March-April book to be A Woman of No Importance, which both my husband and I found to be fascinating. I am looking forward to reading it as a member of a discussion group. Otherwise, I have taken a break from IDENTITY by Fukuyama to reread the 12 novels in L.E. Modesitt’s The Imager Portfolio series, which is both entertaining and more gently enlightening.


  3. Just finished “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell” by Robert Dugoni for my book club. Totally loved it and recommended it highly. Now I’m working my way back through Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series which I reread every few years. Hope you have a great weekend and can get all your work done with still some time for relaxation.


  4. I’m halfway through The Apparitionists by Peter Manseau, the story of William Mumler’s spirit photography. Next up it’s Superships of the Great Lakes, by Raymond A. Bawal, Jr., a detailed profile of our 13 lake freighters that exceed 1000 feet!


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