#WeekendCoffeeShare: Rainstorms and Banned Books

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It’s been an interesting week, as we continue life without a car. Fall is swinging in full-force, we’ve had some spectacular rainstorms over the past week! One night, in particular, was SUPER loud… notable because it gets a story to go along with it.

Wednesday morning, at about 2 am, I was awoken by the sound of something hitting the ground. It’s a sound I’ve come to easily associate with Midnight Monster knocking something down (as cats do). When it’s loud enough to wake me up I usually get out of bed to investigate in order to; 1) make sure that he’s okay and, 2) make sure he hasn’t broken anything.

I couldn’t see anything that had been knocked over, but when I found him he was huddled low to the ground, his back against our front bedroom door. He looked like a little black loaf, I’ve never seen him so hunched up and compact. This instantly sparked worry in me, had he hurt himself? I tried to pet him and he just stayed as he was, very alert. I tried to pick him up, but I couldn’t get my hands under him, he was so close to the ground and tense. I laid down on the floor, so I could be at his level, and he kinda just glared at me — I think he was displeased that I was blocking his view of the hallway. But he wasn’t making any noises,

I got up and went to check the catio – because my thought was that there could have been some sort of predator out there. Monster loves to sleep out there, and it’s still warm enough for him to do so. But, from what I could see, there was no sign of any creature, and didn’t appear to be any damage to the catio. There was, however, torrential downpour, loudly bouncing off the the plastic (over wire) roof. I closed the window, just in case, and sat down in the room to watch Monster’s progress and to make sure he was, indeed, okay.

SLOWLY (very, very slowly) he stalked his way down the hallway (which doesn’t have a view of the window) and into the main room – pausing for a LOOOONG time at the furthest point where he could actually see the window. Eventually he put his paws up on the ledge next to the window so he could look out, his tail still puffed up, his body still tense. I eventually decided as he was looking through the window from a small distance, that he’d be okay and was able to get back to bed.

I’m pretty sure what happened is this – he was nicely asleep on his favorite perch, enjoying the fresh breeze, when the sky decided to open up into a downpour, creating this loud ruckus that woke him and freaked him out. The poor boy.

picture of a large black cat, asleep on a wooden perch in an outside "catio" with the sun shining in on him.
Midnight Monster on his favorite catio perch on a sunnier day.

That was my adventure of the week…. now I’m gearing up for next week – Banned Book Week! I’ll be hosting a couple of guest posts here, as well as posting some of my own. For those of you who are newer, Banned Book Week is kind of a big deal for me, and I try to do at least one post every day to look at some of the books that have made the top ten (or, this year, top 11!) list of banned and challenged books in the previous year. I hope you’ll join me this year.

What are you up to this weekend? What has the week been like for you?


12 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Rainstorms and Banned Books

  1. I shared by story about a “capsule hotel” in Japan that is built in to a bookshelf! As for banned book week, I will do a feature on that for my “Wednesday Bookmobile” blog post and include a link as it’s so important to support freedom of expression. As for this weekend, it’s “Sing-a-long Sound Of Music” at the iconic Hollywood Bowl! Oh yes, I will sharing some of this as well!


  2. Awww, poor little kitty. Ours is afraid of storms, too. At the first sign of lightning or thunder she’s under the bed or in the closet. She does the same thing if a sparrow flies past the window, too. Glad to hear all is well and that you got rain. We’re day 18 into no rain, and not expecting any for at least three more days (according to local weather). The grasses are browning, leaves are drooping, and people – well, they’re just getting cranky and snappy.


    1. What surprised me the most is that Monster has been pretty unconcerned about the previous storms -He sat out on his perch in the catio during previous rain, and even thunder storms (and he completely ignored fireworks). But this rain was LOUD!
      Oh no! I hope you get some rain soon!!!

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