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If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m not really in much of a celebratory mood, despite it being a holiday weekend. At least, theoretically a holiday weekend — I had Thursday off, but had to be back at work on Friday.

I’m not a huge fan of fireworks, I mean, I enjoy the lights from them, they’re pretty enough, but usually there’s just too much of a crowd, they’re loud, and the smoke is overwhelming. And this year, I just am not in the mood to celebrate a country that I’m pretty thoroughly disappointed in and disgusted with.

A friend shared this and it well echoes much of my feelings about this past holiday.

As a historian-like person (one who studied children’s experiences in the Holocaust in particular as an undergrad), the particular situation on the southern border of the United States is painful. And it is just one piece of a much larger issue that I’m seeing echoed in a variety of places – this lack of basic compassion, the lack of caring for other people. This willingness to treat another as though they are sub-human just because of [you pick the trait].

And along with this comes a sense of helplessness. What can I do? Aside from continuing to share information, to speak out where I can? I have been lucky enough to be in pretty liberal circles for most of my life, but that also means that much of the time I’m “preaching to the choir.”

Anyhow, that’s where I am right now, and running late on getting this post up, so I’m going to post it up now. This weekend the Catio-work continues, along with, hopefully getting some serious room organization done. We’ll see.

18 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : A holiday.

  1. I am not a fan of fireworks either. I think that when people tour a house that should be one of the criteria on the house sheet – “how sound proof for fireworks!” haha

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  2. Good post, and I agree with the feeling of helplessness. So much unnecessary suffering makes me want to cry in (daily) frustration. I feel like these kinds of posts are important to stir the compassion in others, so great work. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading 🙂

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  3. Well stated post. All the more important for us to stay focused and make sure a change in tone and rhetoric happens and America can be proud again.

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  4. I am with you all the way.
    I don’t like fireworks, apart from their sometimes beautiful displays.
    They are very expensive, burning millions which could be much better spent on addressing social issues.
    They are also terrifyingly loud. They terrify pets and vets and old folks and young folks.
    As for the 4th July celebrations: this is the biggest fiesta in the UK calendar. It is the anniversary of the day that we divested our thirteen mot troublesome colonies! It was a good decision. This colonies have grown organically into a much larger and more troublesome union of States. [only joking]

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  5. By far the best show my wife and I have ever seen was from Vancouver one year when we were visiting the area. I don’t recall the actual location, but it was an amazing show and we were nearly right beneath it. If that is your yearly standard then I can see how it might get old or at least over-the-top.

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    1. That was probably Fort Vancouver. I saw it once, and it was pretty spectacular, but the crowds were ridiculous!
      My standard has been just little fireworks in the cul-de-sac, but I’ve seen enough firework events over the years that I am just kind of tired of them. They haven’t really changed since I was a kid.


  6. Hi Ali,
    Well, when I met my husband there were fireworks. They were exploding over Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve 1998. I love fireworks but not the crowds and I don’t like the effect they have on animals. We are home dog sitting every NYE. Lady gets very distressed.
    I don’t know how I’d go living in the US what with trump as President and the omnipresence of gun violence. Of course, these are just aspects of living there but don’t bode well.
    Keep fighting for your beliefs. We can never give up.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Yeah, it’s rough — there are MANY things I find highly troubling and challenging about my country right now, and trump embodies many of them. It’s not like our history is spectacular, but lately we’ve been moving way too much in the wrong direction. And I know I have to use my place of privilege to fight this as best I can… It’s so frustrating.

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