#WeekendCoffeeShare: Welcome to my library!

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Last weekend ended up being entirely dedicated to the building of my Little Free Library! I’m so excited with how it turned out, though I am already thinking of the things I would like to do to further improve it.

Picture of a small structure with a peaked roof and three doors, each a different height in a stair-step pattern. The doors are painted red, and the structure is situated against a fence and on a small brick patio and gravel walkway leading up to it. To the side of the structure is a sign which reads "Little Free Library."
Side view of my Little Free Library

This is the side view of the library. Eventually I would like to get something of a mural painted across the doors (perhaps with the name of the library “Words To Explore,” as well as perhaps repainting the little sign I have in front. But for that I am hoping to recruit the help of some of my kiddo-friends, who are far more excellent artists than I! I also want to do some more work with the landscaping around the library – the plants that are growing beyond it will eventually be tamed somewhat – as this is the space in our yard that gets the best light so will eventually be turned into a space of raised beds for vegetable gardens! I also am hoping to get the tree-stump leveled out to create a little bit of a sitting space. And I need to redo the walkway, taking the time to actually put something down to stop plants from growing up THROUGH the path.

Front view of the Little Free Library, with the doors open - showing that they each open in a different direction, and giving a peek at the books inside.
Front view of my library!

My ultimate goal was to have a library that would fit with my personality — something a little different, a bit eclectic. I think I managed that well – maybe at some point I’ll get it raised a little higher off the ground (to make it easier to access) and figure out how to make it more accessible (it’s a bit of a slope, and so someone who is not able to navigate uneven ground mind have trouble getting up there, and it is absolutely not wheelchair (or crutch) accessible). Like I said, an ongoing project. For now, though, I’m very happy with it and looking forward to getting more books in there, and creating a few more shelves to put in!

This weekend is going to be fairly well consumed with a friend’s wedding. Bachelorette party Friday night, the wedding Sunday night, and on Saturday I get some errands run and try to fit in some rest (which certainly didn’t happen last week, the building took all weekend!)

What are you up to this weekend? How has your week been?

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