#WeekendCoffeeShare : Maybe this is Winter Weather Goodbye?

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Hello March! What will you bring?

Last weekend’s painting adventure was pretty awesome. I’m rather proud of my finished product – not too shabby for a non-painter, huh?

This is a painting better viewed from a distance, but I really do love how the colors turned out and how some of the effects work. There are certainly some things I would do differently if I were to do it again, but I am pleased with this one!

This weekend I have a game afternoon/evening planned with some friends, and then a lot of rest. As is my usual…. Recovery Weekends has become my new norm, and while it can be hard to wrap my head around the fact that I really only get a few hours of “fun” time out of any given week, I’m doing what my body needs at this point in time. Self-care isn’t always fun. And in my case, right now, it’s a lot of sleeping.

The weather this past week has been kinda exciting. We got a decent (for us) amount of snow on Sunday night/Monday morning. Unfortunately in my local area it seemed to focus primarily where I live, not where I work. There was a good inch of snow on the ground when I left home, but when I got downtown where I work there was nothing. And while it snowed all day, tiny little flakes, none of it stuck. We had more weather on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, enough to give us a late start for work, and to close some of the school districts. It’s interesting because there was much more snow in my neighborhood on Monday morning than there was Wednesday morning, but it was cold enough that it was icier on Wednesday.

Usually the winter weather would mostly be behind us at this point, I wonder if it really is. Spring is normally a season of rain and increasing warmth so… we’ll see what happens.

By the time we visit next weekend I’ll already have started in on the Rose City Yarn Crawl – a fun four days of visiting different Local Yarn Shops, entering prize drawings, and hanging out with my fiber-arts-friends. I participated last year for the first time and had a great time, so am looking forward to this year! About ten stores in the area are participating, but I’m hoping to take a trip out to some of the shops that aren’t participating as well — just to show them some love and explore some of the shops that I haven’t made it to yet. I’ll be sure to share more pictures next weekend, and in the meantime will certainly be updating on my Instagram!

What are you up to this week? How has your weekend been? Thanks for stopping by!


17 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Maybe this is Winter Weather Goodbye?

  1. This is another rainy weekend in Los Angeles, which is great because the state of California went from 67% severe drought down to 4% – the entire state has seen lots and lots of rain, and I say let it pour! A great reason to binge on movies!

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  2. I like the picture. Love the color choices!

    We seem to be heading for some snowfall records, here. I don’t expect our drifts will be going away very soon. Wind chill advisory on, here, until tomorrow noon. Keep warm & have fun with your Yarn Crawl!


  3. I love your painting. I’ve started dabbling with painting this year — mostly watercolor, but some other mediums occasionally — and I consider myself a “non-painter” as well, so I appreciate seeing your results. The colors are magnificent.


  4. Hi Alli,
    How are you? I Googled your Rose City Yarn Crawl and was amazed by some of the creations on the web site. Do you make that sort of thing? I’m not a knitter but by mother in law was. I get ideas, which are totally beyond my capabilites and have a stash of fabrics etc which I think my daughter will turn into scrunchies where possible.
    I’m having a couple of busy weeks with both kids’ birthdays and my son is also getting baptised this Sunday.
    Best wishes,

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