#WeekendCoffeeShare: Well, we had rain….

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So… that storm I was talking about last week?

You know, the one that made me decide to do my regular Saturday grocery shopping trip through a delivery service?

You know, the one that caused such a rush on the stores that said delivery was canceled due to lack of staffing?

You know, the one that meant I ended up fighting my way to find a grocery cart, and spending about 10 minutes finding the things I needed, and then about 25 minutes waiting in line to pay for said items?

Yeah, that one… it didn’t get cold enough so we ended up with just a bunch of rain. And, really, not even all that much rain until the early part of this week — the weekend was just kind damp.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly disappointed. I really love snow, and would have been able to put a snow day to good use. Trying to fit pretty much everything I want to do, outside of work, into my two-day weekends means I don’t quite have enough time to get it all done.

What I did accomplish last weekend, during the non-storm, was some final organizing in my room. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s set up, and what I managed to get done. Now there is space for me to do some different projects (and even space to leave some of the pieces of projects out when I need to). Now I’m trying to make my way through the crochet project I’m behind on, and thinking about trying to start the next one. I’m doing two “mystery crotchets,” where we are given a few pieces of the pattern at a time. One of them is for the Rose City Yarn Crawl, happening the second weekend in March – so that one I need to catch up on because I REALLY want to be able to wear the completed piece during the crawl. The other one doesn’t have the same kind of deadline, but I do want to get moving on it so I can have it at least started before the second clue comes out.

I’ve been so completely out of ideas for stories, and it’s been a challenge to stir up the motivation to get started on any writing projects, so I’m letting that simmer for a while more. At this point what I’m trying to do is let go of any expectations I may be holding of myself around writing. It isn’t serving me at this moment, and I can’t keep getting caught in the I-should-guilt cycle.

I was originally going to be going to the beach this weekend, but I’m looking at rescheduling that because I think I need to have a weekend to myself. Other than two appointments Saturday morning (one of which is a massage), I’m planning to hunker down at home and do some baking, some meal-prep/planning, and some reflection and relaxation. It’s much needed right now.

What plans do you have for the weekend?

10 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Well, we had rain….

  1. Here in Los Angeles, we have had record amounts of rain over the past three weeks, so needed as we were in the midst of another decade-long drought…happily for now, the drought is over as the state is filled to the brim with water and snow…but now it’s time to dry out and take a long hike!

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  2. A weekend to yourself sounds pretty awesome! You’ll have to show us the crochet projects as they are progressing. Have an amazing weekend!


  3. Hi Alli, Okay, you’re out of story ideas. I’m glad that never happened to me (in the last 8 minutes anyway).

    So, just to see if I can jog you in a helpful direction; please tell us your more powerful memory from childhood that involves you and another member of your family. Use only dialog, no narrator description and make it fit into 2000 words or less. Build in some suspense that doesn’t resolve until the last 200 words.

    This way, you get to write, just a little. You have a small challenge of using dialog only, which takes some thought to make it work, but again not a huge challenge and we get to learn a bit more about you so everyone wins.

    Thanks again and again for hosting the coffee share. It has been a game changer for me to meet so many great people and I will be forever grateful.

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  4. We too did not get the threatening weather. Perhaps it is a conspiracy between weather services, and grocery and hardware stores.


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