#WeekendCoffeeShare : Birthday Weekend shenanigans!

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Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?

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Thanks for joining me this weekend! I’m doing all of my birthday celebrations this weekend, so it’s going to be a busy one! I’ve got a couple of different outings with friends planned -hopefully in such a way that I’ll get some quality time with them all. One of the things I sometimes struggle with is that when you have a larger group of people together – even if it’s a group of friends I’ve known forever – I tend to go quieter and not really get the chance to visit with any of them. I listen to some spectacular conversations, certainly, but feel more like an observer than a participant a lot of the time. So this year I’m managing to keep the groups small, and many of them one-on-ones, which means a lot more outings, but more quality time! I’m looking forward to it, and I’m also looking forward to Monday, when I get to spend as much of the day sleeping as I’d like.

Between the meals with friends, art-and-wine-auction, escape room, and concert I’m hoping to also find a little time to continue making progress in my room. Christmas decorations have come down, but there’s a lot of sorting that still needs to be completed. I want to dig through my closet and get rid of a bunch of things, and also want to sort through my books. I’m not planning to get rid of many of those (been seeing a lot about the Marie Kondo method, and have some reflections to share about the books bit of it at some point – perhaps I’ll get some writing on that done at one of the coffee shop stops this weekend), but I want to finish cataloging what I have in LibraryThing and would love to figure out a way to actually have ALL my books in the main part of my room (rather than having some of them tucked away on a shelf in the closet). Getting them set up, though, might require some different shelving, which I can’t quite do at the moment. Really, I am dealing with too much furniture and too many things in too small a space. But I don’t really want to part with any of the furniture (I actually use it all), so… have to do some thinking/reconfiguring.

As always, I have more plans for the weekend than I have time!

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans?


20 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Birthday Weekend shenanigans!

  1. I am with you on the books. I eventually bought a tall bookcase from IKEA which stands in the hall. All my reference books and a couple of fiction books are now in one place. I now only buy e-books for fiction so I was able to clear a couple of shelves and pass thee onto friends.

    Too much furniture in a small space is also the bane of my life. HAve a good weekend 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday. Enjoy yourself. I know the problem with the books. I ended up being brutal and giving some away that I knew I would never again read and as I read one I make a decision as to whether to keep it or not. I tend to give them to our local U3A library so I can still borrow them if I want to.Have a good birthday week.

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  3. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy a fun-filled weekend! 🙂 I feel the same way with large groups – more of an observer than a participant. Probably because with more people, there is more conversation and I feel like I can never get a word in. So I listen instead. I’m doing some decluttering as well, I actually have a WALK IN closet again! LOL It’s a great feeling. I’ve read the Tidying Up book by Marie Kondo. Some of it resonated, but not all. I’m thinking of reading Spark Joy, but I imagine it’s rather similar? Have a great weekend and week ahead! I’m off Monday too.. 🙂

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  4. Well, I came in here on the pingback, but I couldn’t figure out the blue froggie deal. It took me to places where I was lost; got scared and ran back home. 😀 I’ll see you earlier next weekend, maybe. I put you on follow so I would be reminded.

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  5. Hi Alli & another Happy Birthday.
    I wanted to shout Amen when I read your post. I too suffer in crowds and the worse is with crowds of friends, because, 1) I can’t hear well in crowds of any kind and that’s kind of isolating and 2) I don’t float well from small group to small group to make sure I get to see and have meaningful conversations with each. I just want to withdraw to being a spectator at best or wandering in search of solitude at worst. You seizing and managing the upcoming meetings was an inspired thought. I’ve too often chosen to avoid and ignore such large get-to-gethers and am pretty sure I’ve managed to insult or send the wrong silent messages to people for doing so. Once again, you’ve set a higher standard for me to work with, another thanks lady. Have a great birthday.

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  6. Happy Birthday! You’ve given me something to think about with crowds as my 50th birthday is coming up later this year and I don’t want it to be a blur and only touching base with people for a minute and moving on. Might look at breaking it up.
    I was interested to see that you’ve also mentioned Marie Kondo. I tend to avoid having anything to do with cleaning and decluttering and I have a strained relationship. I am rather concerned that her cult following has become exactly that…a cult. Are too many people slavishly listening to her opinions and ignoring how they feel? Are they going to regret their excesses later? I’ve also read of a lot of people decluttering in one part of their house, but not getting the stuff out the door, which is what happened here with my cleaning up efforts. I was going to hold a garage sale but in the end decided I could make more money through other means and eventually took stuff to the op shop and put chair out the front and they eventually disappeared. Getting rid of the chairs has cleared up one room and it does feel better. However, managing to pull this off with the entire house is a huge undertaking.
    Hope you have a great week and your birthday celebrations.
    Best wishes,

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