#WeekendCoffeeShare : Hello 2019!

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And here we are, at the end of 2018. I’m really not ready for the year to be completed already, it’s so strange to think that it’s nearly 2019. It still just sounds so… so futuristic.

My New Years Eve plan is very simple, going to just hang out at home with some snacks and maybe some wine. Read, relax, and probably go to bed early. I do have the first off, and honestly will probably end up sleeping through much of it. Because that’s what I do with most of my time off these days. That’s one of the things that I’m hoping will improve in the coming year… I am hoping to have more energy so that I can get more done.

It is time to start taking stock of the goals I set for the past year, and what I want to do in the coming year. My reading challenges (well, really most challenges I tried to do) fell apart on me… so I’m approaching the coming year with less expectations on myself, but also trying to come up with strategies that will allow me to be more productive, read more, write more, and feel like I’ve accomplished more during the year.

I still have time to still meet my bare-minimum goal of reading 75 books, thank you picture books and graphic novels… I should be able to close that 10 book gap. Next year… next year I will make it even longer into the year before my reading falls to the wayside. I love books, I love reading, yet I keep putting the books down and watching tv-shows and movies instead. I think it’s just because it’s a more passive thing for my brain, and I have been too worn out most days by the time I get home.

I keep forgetting that this weekend I have a Holiday Party with my Stitch-and-Bitch group. It’s a group that I primarily interact with online, since I can’t often make it to the weekly get-together’s (and I haven’t had the energy to do the Saturday ones I was hosting for a while on my side of time… lack of energy is seriously the theme for 2018). We’re going to do a gift swap, and a potluck, on Saturday. I’m going to take the blanket I am making as a wedding present for friends of mine — I’d originally planned to have it done by Christmas (they got married this summer), but now I’m just hoping to have it by their first anniversary. I really love the project, but it’s tricky, and no longer very mobile.  

These friends are big Harry Potter fans, and their wedding was HP themed. So I’m making them a throw-blanket that features a simplified version of the Hogwarts crest in the middle, and then color blocks behind it representing the colors of their houses (and the houses of their two children). Two Hufflepuffs, a Slytherin, and a Gryffindor.  I’m using “corner-to-corner” crochet, a technique I’d never used before, but which is pretty spectacular — it just takes a lot more time because there’s counting and color changing involved. Once I get the crest done the rest of it would work up pretty quickly!

Keep an eye out in the coming week for my post with all sorts of goals and plans for the coming year. If I set myself up with some solid structure, perhaps I can get done those things I want to accomplish in my free time….

What are you up to this weekend? How was your holiday?


15 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Hello 2019!

  1. A HP throw! I hope you post pictures when you are done. Sounds amazing. Here’s to 2019, may it be a fun-filled and productive year.


  2. 75 is a tough goal. I love reading, but I do not love having reading goals. I guess graphic novels, books for work, etc. I might have come close, but… Anyway, I hope you have a great New year! (yes, I am boring too and will go to bed early. Nothing wrong with that.)

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  3. I always fall behind with my readings goals. I have a bad habit of trying to do way too much all at once and then everything ends up falling to the wayside. I certainly have sympathy for the no-energy feeling though. Most of the time I just want to curl up and take a nap these days.

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  4. All the best for your New Year Goals. I hope you achieve what you want to. I have stopped to a large extent making goals at New Year as they always seem to fall by the wayside but this year I am going to make a realistic effort to set goals that are obtainable. Happy New Year and thanks for hosting us.

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