#WeekendCoffeeShare – Hello November!

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I’m happy you could join me for coffee this weekend. How is it already November?
I did figure out a Halloween costume that I’m pretty proud of! I ended up going as Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Always my favorite Disney character, and it gave me an excuse to get a cool new dress-accessory, and to wander around carrying a book!

Not that I had any trick-or-treating plans, or anything of that sort but… I do love the excuse to dress up, and did have lunch out with a few friends, which was much fun!

We got a few trick-or-treaters, but most came before I got home from work, which makes me sad. I wish I lived on a busier street for trick-or-treating. I have friends in other places that have SUPER BUSY trick-or-treat streets, and I love seeing the pictures they share of the mobs of kids – it reminds me a bit of when I was a kid. I think most of the local kids probably go to the malls, and I think there’s a movement to have parties rather than trick-or-treating.

National Novel Writing Month has begun, so I have a lot of writing planned for this weekend. I don’t have a specific plot yet, completely writing on the fly this year, so we’ll see how it goes…. I have had success with this approach before, and I’ve also had complete fall-apart-years. I’m hoping for a success.  Mostly because NaNo, for me this year, is all about getting my fiction writing flowing again. Just for me. Just for fun.

Saturday I’m going to a pie-making-extravaganza with my food-fun-friends. I’m not sure what all we’ll be making, but it’ll be fun, and it will be yum!

What are you up to this weekend? How was your Halloween?  Are you participating in NaNo?


34 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Hello November!

    1. The Pie extravaganza was great fun!
      My energy is totally drained, so I’m struggling with NaNo so far, but I still have hope. The most recent year I was in school I didn’t succeed beyond about 100 words, so I totally get school draining all energy away!


    1. Definitely challenging. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just for me, and just for fun. Need to let myself delve into the most ridiculous writing… I think all my false starts so far have been because I’m trying to be too serious.

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  1. Any excuse to carry a book is a good excuse… I hope you enjoy your writing this month. I am not doing anything formal. Most of the month will be editing, not writing. Not as fun. But I hope you have fun with it!

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    1. Ugh… editing is part of what put me in a writing funk. I still haven’t made the progress I want to on my WIP, not since I fleshed out parts during last years NaNo. But I can’t continue to let it hover over me, hence trying to just get some fiction writing going again. Good luck on your editing!!

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  2. Happy November! Good luck with NaNo. I’m doing the blog-every-day thing again this year, but not NaNoWriMo, phew. 🙂 Belle is the best! Glad the costume worked out. Thanks for hosting this, 🙂

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  3. I’m with Trent, any excuse to carry a book is a good one. Pics of your costume? I’m doing NaBloPoMo Revival, not the official one but a group of bloggers has breathed life back into it again. A pie making day sounds like so much fun! Have a great week!

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    1. Absolutely any excuse for a book! I’ll see if I can find a decent pic to share next week 😀
      Good luck on NaBloPoMo – I’ve never participated in that, but since I’m seeming challenged to keep my once-a-week post going I figure I should probably just stick with finding something to post about outside of the Coffee Share!

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  4. We did not overbuy Halloween treats so badly, this year, and managed to give away at least half of it. The remainder is in the freezer (until we forget about it and then throw it away in a few months?) I did Book in a Week a number of times and NaNoWriMo, twice. Enough to discover that I enjoy writing, but not rewriting. LOL Now I get together with friends by email, and we each try to write at least one poem a day for those 30 days. I hope your writing goes well. I know it’s a lot of fun when one can take the time.

    I have not been to a Halloween party or worn a costume since grade school Trick-or-Treating. I trust that people had a grand time. It does sound fun.

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    1. We kind of purposely overbought this year… and ended up with even less trick-or-treaters than in previous years. Oh well….
      Book in a week, I’m not familiar with that one – sounds ROUGH though!!
      100% with you on enjoying the writing far more than the rewriting… rewriting is just not as much fun….

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      1. Book in a Week was developed by April Kihlstrom. I don’t recall for sure, but I think I took part in her BIAW sessions in the late 90s. She’s got some books out on writing, now, in addition to her fiction.

        My sister writes Science Fiction/Fantasy novels. I think she actually enjoys the rewrite process. ::sigh:: 😀

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