#BannedBooksWeek: #DearBannedAuthor

This year, let’s send authors of banned books clear support. The Dear Banned Author program encourages us all to write notes to those authors whose works have impacted us, and who have been banned and challenged over the years.Copy of Dear Banned Author (3)_1

There is a spreadsheet of authors, with addresses and twitter tags, so you can reach out to the author(s) you’ve read and enjoyed.

I am hoping to write a few letters myself. Even if you find that the words aren’t quite coming together for a full letter, you could send a tweet – or even just a postcard! The American Library Association has a few downloads to help with this – you can print out a postcard, write a simple message and put it in the mail!
If you’re tweeting be sure to use the hashtag: #DearBannedAuthor – this helps that ALA find the posts!
Let’s show these authors some love!


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