#WeekendCoffeeShare: Building Time!

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Come join me on our freshly revealed stone patio in front of the house. It’s really not a lot, and it’s not actually new, but I’m rather proud of it. Honestly, I did only a little of the work – most of the credit goes to my friends who came over on the 4th and helped us tear up the ramp that had been built up there four years ago. It was quite the undertaking!
That’s really all I did for the 4th – it zapped what energy I had and I had to be up early the next morning for work so didn’t really feel much like staying up to watch fireworks. There were certainly plenty going off around me, though. Our house is in a bit of a valley, so there are echoing booms all around on this particular holiday.

It’s been a strange week because of the 4th. Having a day off work on a Wednesday just throws everything off – I spent most of Thursday feeling like it was Monday again. So it now being the weekend again… I’m not really there yet.

This weekend continues my outdoor work. I’m not a gardener or even a builder, but I’ve got friends with SKILLS, so they’re helping me out. Saturday will be spent hopefully finding the door that we’ll use on the Little Library we’re going to build. And then it’ll be a matter of just building it!

It’s so cool to finally have this project coming together. Since I moved back to Oregon five years ago, and had access to a yard again, I’ve thought it would be fun to create a Little Library — and now it’s going to happen and I’m super-excited.

Other than that it’s the same-old this weekend. I’m participating in Camp NaNo.. or at least, I said I was going to. But participating involved ACTUALLY writing some, so I need to do that. I’ve scheduled myself some time on Sunday, after covering for a friend at her job for an hour, to sit down and WRITE. I’ll take my monster-laptop (that I bought for my surgery-recovery time) and set myself up in a coffee shop for a few hours. After I’ve done some writing, and only after I’ve done some writing, will I let myself go home and do other things.

Hopefully that’ll work!

On the surgery-recovery front… I have worn REGULAR SHOES for the better part of two days now. I still have the surgical boot for when I’m on the bus and such – gives it a little more protection, but the swelling has subsided enough that I can get the Velcro edges of the sandals to actually connect in order to hold them on my feet! Wearing normal shoes has gone a long way in helping me regain some of that range of motion – bending my toes when I walk is very good for it!

What are your plans this weekend? Anything exciting happen over the week for you? Tell me all about it.



14 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Building Time!

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  2. So glad to hear you’re on the mend! 🙂 I too, would love to hear more about your Little Library… Thanks for the coffee!


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