#WeekendCoffeeShare – my Raincheck Coffee!

Hey, thanks for taking me up on my coffee rain-check! For a week that ran both quickly AND slowly, I sure didn’t end up having a lot of time to do much writing.

The wedding last weekend was such fun. The setting was absolutely beautiful, it took place in the picnic area in Adair County Park.

It was Hogwarts themed, and some people wore their wizarding robes, or at least house colors. There were chocolate frogs (I provided some with filling!), a Marauder’s Map for us all to sign, and magic was certainly in the air.

The bride has been a friend of mine for over two decades (wow, hadn’t put it in those terms yet… how has it been so long!?) and I just adore this family so it was so awesome to be able to be part of their celebration. I have watched these two go through so much together already, so when they were exchanging their vows, “in sickness and in health,” it was heartwarming. They have already been there, already lived together and supported each other through some truly frightening medical issues. They’ve supported and loved one another through all sorts of things and I have no doubts that they will continue to do so for a nice long time.

There have been other things happening, a paint-night with a friend, dinner out with another friend, dinner out with my Dad and Step-Mom before they move to a new place a few hours away, and some time at one of my favorite local coffee shops to crochet. But mostly I’ve been working and sleeping. With a tiny amount of writing mixed in.

Directional Signs to help us find our way
The path the bride walked down was lined with rose petals and candles.
Close up of the brides dress – it was beautiful!
And she made her bouquet, which was spectacular!

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