#WeekendCoffeeShare: Not really up to being social.

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If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I actually don’t feel much up for coffee today. Or anything.

I don’t mean to be antisocial; I am just worn out. I’m an introvert and this past week has been a busy one at work. All these people, all this interaction, every day. All day.
It’s not only been exhausting from the perspective of too many people, but also in terms of energy expenditure. Are you familiar with the Spoon Theory? It’s a good base concept for explaining what it’s like to have energy issues. Imagine that you are given a limited number of spoons to use each day, and each action requires a different amount of spoons. You have to approach each activity with a thought as to how much it’ll cost you so that you have enough spoons to make it through.

Of course it’s more complicated than that. Each day doesn’t start with the same number of spoons. The spoons required to complete an activity may vary from moment to moment. Sometimes you can save spoons, sometimes you get a complete refresh after sleeping, sometimes you don’t.

This week has been a week where I can tell I’m running on a deficit for much of the week.

My body is clearly still recovering from surgery – the scars are less angry looking, residual pain is far less, and I’m getting more and more range of motion in my toe – I know it is using a good amount of energy to make these things happen.

I am also being reminded that I pretty much spent a month expending very little energy, I wasn’t walking anywhere, I wasn’t interacting with many people. I was pretty much sleeping, reading, and watching TV. So there’s a general stamina I’m having to rebuild, just being out in the world and going through the normal parts of the day.

This week at work was, as I said, a busy one. Even when I’m in good health it’s one of the three weeks out of the year that can be pretty overwhelming.

So I spent much of the week either working or sleeping. And that sleep didn’t completely rejuvenate my energy stores.

So now I just want to do nothing. Sleep in, relax, and try to get some recovery so I can make it through the next week and start into summer mode. I do have some social things planned this weekend – a game-night with friends and getting together with my Dad. But other than that, it’ll be reading, sleeping, and playing with the Midnight Monster.

Midnight Monster
Midnight Monster: Master Napper, and General Troublemaker

15 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Not really up to being social.

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  2. Hi Alli. You are singing my song today. I’ve not heard it explained with spoons, but that image works for me. As I was thinking through the general success of my back surgery, I thought several times of yours and wished/prayed that yours could be as successful as mine. I remain pain free and yesterday, had those pesky staples removed so even the discomfort of those is now gone. Heal and rest well my friend.

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  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling low on spoons lately – yes, the spoon theory is great for explaining this. I am glad though that you’re recovering from surgery even though it costs a lot of energy.


  4. I’ve heard of the spoon theory… My husband is disabled from a spinal cord injury, as well as sufferring a stroke several years back…. Energy store is something we deal with quite often with him – and something many people don’t seem to understand – “but I saw him him do blank yesterday”…. As for myself I’m technically introvert but just this side of the introvert/extrovert scale. I have more ability to deal with people than say someone who is more fully introvert but my abilities are not unlimited and eventually I wear out, and large crowds will do that a lot quicker. Sorry I got a bit winded in my comment…. I’m sure by now you’re just wanting me to shut up and go a way LOL. Hoping you’re able to rest up and regain some spoons/energy back.


  5. I also “count spoons”, having varied sensitivities and medical conditions. Hope you take all the time you need to recover energy and get into a good place.


  6. Greetings for another week, Ali.
    I hope you start regaining your energy soon. I understand that it doesn’t take long for you lose to lose fitness for example when you’re in hospital. Good luck on your road to recovery!
    Personally, I’m an extrovert and interacting with people I connect with recharges me, although some people seem to be quite difficult to connect with and I’m now opting to stay away. It’s not worth the effort. I have quite a few friends who are introverts. Our daughter is also fairly introverted when she’s not performing and needs to retreat for awhile to her room. Sometimes, it can feel like her room’s become her world and we’re not a part of it. However, she usually comes out later on and fills me in. UNderstanding that diffewrent people need different levels of social interaction makes it easier to accommodate those differences without feeling hurt or that your space is being invaded.
    Best wishes,

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