#WeekendCoffeeShare: Three Day Weekend!

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Last weekend I ended up waking up early (2 am!) in order to watch the Royal Wedding. I figured I COULD, and that it would be fun. My mom was planning on getting up for it, so why not keep her company? I pinned on the fascinator I’d bought for a friend’s fancy-hat-tea-party and lounged in the family room in my pajamas, enjoying the AMAZING spread that my mom had prepared. There was tea, an orange fizzy-drink, scones, a savories course, and a sweets course!

I not only had fun enjoying the event with Mom, I was pretty impressed with some aspects of the wedding too. I had wanted to tune in for a few things: the fun hats, the cute kids, and pretty dresses. I hadn’t been expecting the awesome music, or the stellar sermon (well, more a homily) delivered by Rev. Curry. If you haven’t seen this, I encourage you to at least read it (this is the transcript of the sermon, but for the full impact I really encourage watching the video as sermons like this are meant to be watched and heard whenever possible).

Also on Saturday (later in the day) I went out to a friends to create some artwork for an auction they’re holding next weekend. The premise is that everyone starts with a board – an identical piece of material – and then they do whatever they want from there. I was dropping off a few that my friends and I had made, and picked up another one to work on. So this weekend I’m hoping to get some art made! My first board was a combination of a little painting and some crochet work, this one I’m going to approach with some collage! Depending on how it turns out I might share some pictures with you all next weekend.

For my surgery-recovery update — I’m doing great! The muscles in my toe are getting stronger, and this weekend I’ll be testing out some weight-bearing PT to see if I might be able to start walking without the boot soon! It’s very exciting… I’m ready to start getting back closer to my normal life and schedule soon.

What have you been up to? What’s happening in your life these days? Any plans for this three-day-weekend (if you have one!)?

25 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Three Day Weekend!

  1. So happy for you that you are feeling great! That is so awesome after all your challenges! Enjoy your weekend ❤


      1. I can imagine how fantastic that was! When I was 13 I broke my right leg really bad. I had to wear a cast for 6 months. I remember what a relief it was to take it off and wear actual shoes afterwards. Keep up the good job!


  2. I was hoping most of all to hear that you’re recovering well and the good news was there. Getting up early to watch the royal wedding, now that’s a different matter. I’m a terrible groupie and even less than a fan of most things royal, but I like what you called out. I’m a regular in our church, but not normally fond of sermons. I’ve just heard so many of them.

    On the other hand, we have an associate pastor who I really like and was his sermon coach for a while. That was lots of fun and he is very kind about giving me lots of undeserved credit for the quality of his messages. He really is quite gifted, and I enjoy his sermons.

    Great news that you’re mending well. I hope to see photos of your board art.

    Blessings Alli!


    1. Sermons can be SO hit and miss. I have a MA in religion, which I got in a seminary surrounded by future ministers — I learned A LOT about what can help make worship services successful, and how to craft sermons that really can have an impact. I’ve seen good and terrible (and am pretty damn picky about the sermons I listen to because I just get frustrated when I see a good point buried in a boring sermon) so was quite pleased with this one. I’m glad you’ve got an associate pastor who gives good sermons – it makes all the difference in a message actually being heard.

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  3. So glad to hear you are doing well. Keep at it. I loved watching some of the wedding just to get a glimpse of the facilitators. I voted Princess Kate’s to be best, although the queen had a great color.


    1. I LOVED the color the queen picked. I just adore the bright colors. Kate’s fascnator was very classy, but I think my favorite was actually Serena Williams (it was fun!)


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  5. Very glad you’re recovering after cthe surgery and feeling better, Alli. I also watched the royal wedding with my Mum, and we also had some yummy food then, although I am only an hour ahead of UK. if I had to wake up early to watch it I don’t thik I’d be as motivated as you. 🙂 Have a ice weekend.


    1. I wasn’t originally going to wake up early – but it’s something my Mom’s done for a number of the weddings (starting with Princess Di’s) and I realized it’s probably the last one that I could join her at so… that gave the extra umph for me to get out of bed!


  6. So happy to hear your recovery is moving forward somewhat smoothly. Thank you for sharing the transcript of Rev. Michael Curry’s sermon. I didn’t watch the wedding, but I have heard good things about what he had to say. Oh, an I look forward to pics of your creations! Thank you for the coffee, as always 🙂


    1. I have to remind myself to take some pics of the creation before we deliver it! I’m kinda proud of how it turned out… not QUITE how I imagined it in my mind, but a solid step towards translating visuals from my head to the page 😀


    1. I’m working at it! Already kind of skipping ahead on the Physical Therapy. It’s nice to know I’ve got strong feet to start with, so am being able to push a bit more than I might otherwise 😀


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