#WeekendCoffeeShare – Recovering from Yarn.

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Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?
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Well, it’s been QUITE the busy few weeks. I’m sorry, again, for the delayed posts the past few weeks. Time just keeps running away from me!

If we were having coffee I’d start out by telling you all about the Yarn Crawl. It was a lot of fun – I spent three days traveling around to different yarn stores all over the Metro Area with two of my friends (with another friend joining us for one day, and meeting up with a few other friends on occasion). Most of the shops were new to me, so it was fun to see what kind of things each one had – and I acquired a fair amount of yarn. I had gone in with a few patterns in mind that I want to try, and managed to get almost all the yarn I needed for those (I still need a little more for a blanket I want to make, but I got what I need to start it, and I’ve got time on that one!). Now the challenge will be to actually get myself moving on making those patterns. I’m still pretty much a beginner when it comes to crocheting, and don’t have the best track record for actually getting everything done that I plan to do, but this year I am determined to get a lot more projects done.
This weekend I hope to play catch-up a bit. There is some cleaning that desperately needs my attention. And I really need to get moving on outlining and figuring out how to properly set up Chapter 4 of my Novel .

Had a bunch of doctor talks – looks like I’ll be able to line up Gallbladder surgery to coincide with my recovery from foot surgery. Which, though it means I won’t likely get as much done during that second week of foot surgery recovery as I would have liked, it’s less time away from work. Which is helpful on MANY levels.

TW: Food and Diet-talk
Also this weekend, some serious meal-planning work. In the face of some of my health-issues I worked with a dietitian, so am now looking at how to make it so I have the right kind of food around to eat. It wasn’t like he had anything ground-breaking to say, but it was a nice reminder and I have a new app to use to try tracking what I eat so I can see things like the breakdown of fats and calories and so forth. In the past I’ve tried food tracking before, and usually fall apart somewhere after the first week — so I’m hoping the fact that I have another appointment with him in two weeks will help keep me on track.
I don’t talk much about my weight on here – it’s not something I particularly like to talk about, and I know it can be triggering and challenging for a lot of people. But it’s been an important part of my week so, here I go.

I put on a fair amount this past year, and now I got diagnosed with “fatty liver.” So it’s time to really make some changes. Not just because of the weight, or the impact it’s had on my health, but also because I don’t really like how I feel in my own skin right now. I’d adjusted to being heavier than I’m “supposed” to be, but suddenly the clothes I wore before don’t fit right and I just don’t like how it feels. So I want to change that. I liked this dietitians approach (“We’ll make sure you don’t have to stop eating cheese,” and “There are no bad foods,” kind of stuff). So I’m hopeful.


What does your weekend hold?  What has your week been like?

26 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Recovering from Yarn.

  1. The yarn crawl sounds interesting! At one time I actually got alpacas, because I wanted to start a business making baby clothes out of soft alpaca wool. Life happened so I never did start the business. lol. I might one day 🙂 I do know that when I have the log cabin of my dreams I want to crochet a beautiful spread for decoration. Something out of this world, (I’m working on a design in my head as we speak.) Have a wonderful weekend!


      1. Yes, me too.. I leased a property 5 years ago, and the neighbor needed to find a home for her three alpacas. All three were interesting characters.


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  3. I am still fascinated with this yarn crawl, it just sounds fun.

    Dietary patterns, calories…it can be so overwhelming. I like the words “there are no bad foods.” I also like the words “life style change “when talking about making changes to eating patterns. I think it sounds promising and exciting.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing.


    1. It was a lot of fun! I mean, it really was just visiting yarn stores — but there were so many other crafters, being so excited about it. And since I’d never been to most of these stores it was all new for me!


  4. What fun.. I told my sister about the idea and we found the I-75 Yarn Crawl here in Michigan.. Can’t wait to see what you create. Best of luck with the meal planning, I need to do that as well.. Have a great week!


  5. Today 3/10/18 woke up late. Made coffee and the coffee maker decided to over flow. Whole kitchen counter was a mess.
    Then noticed my cabinet leaking something strange. This strange liquid ended up being (2) old cans of fruit that dripped on everything in the cabinet on two (2) shelves – now have to wash them down. Oh so much fun.
    Then sat down for dinner, and I banged my cup of tea on the side of the table and I think you know the rest. Plus it dripped threw the table divider to the floor.
    It’s just been a day of liquids.
    And that’s my day! Right now after writing this I have a smile on my face and a little laugh thinking – cabinets, kitchen counter, dining area, needed a wash. It looks like it ended up being a good day! 😉😊


  6. It is always difficult changing your diet and trying to find the one that best suits your body. Good luck with finding something that will help your body change to make you feel better about yourself.

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  7. I find that apps don’t help me with tracking my food. My dietitian said just watch the carbs and don’t worry about the rest right now, except i am also watching sodium, which pretty much means no prepared or canned foods…everything fresh. Of course I am doing it for my diabetes but right now I am also doing it to have something to show to the endocrinologist when I go at the end of the month. Something is off because my blood sugar is rising too much for the number of carb grams. So I keep a little journal that I made myself inside of the case to my glucometer which is with me round the clock. I jot down times, blood glucose readings, insulin taken, and what I ate. It’s working right now. The apps I tried didn’t. Much luck. It’s tough but it is doable. And it’s really best to go with the no food is off limits approach. Just limit your intake of certain things. You can do it!


    1. I’m mostly liking that app that I’m using. It’s a little annoying to try and enter some things (like, when I’m at home and making my own food, or eating something Mom has prepared I can get the ingredients exact, but when I’m eating out or at someone else’s house it’s a lot of guesswork). But it splits up the things that I am aiming for, like the fat as well as calories and protein- so it’s working well for me. But I”m not ALSO tracking things like glucose readings and insulin and time. I’d imagine a notebook would work better for that kind of thing!

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