Writing and Reading Goals – January Update!

Didn’t I say I’d be doing some goals check-ins?  Yup… here we go.


Okay, so I guess this wasn’t actually an explicit goal.  But… I implied that I was going to do that. Of course, before I even put up the post in which I stated such things I went ahead and added a reading challenge or two.

Well, this week I went to the main branch of my town library and picked up a Reading Passport to participate in another reading challenge. Because I can.

Also because I really want to support my local library more.

This particular library has been my most consistent book-supplier since I was old enough to enjoy the pictures in the books. Our family would take regular trips to the library – I believe I was pretty young when I got my first library card (also, pretty young when I got my first late-fees, which I believe I had to do extra chores for my parents to work off). I remember their old location – the site of an old grocery store – and the excitement when they opened their new place in a beautiful building next to some parks and closer to downtown.

I adore that they’ve been running programs to help adults re-engage with reading. The summer reading programs when I was a kid were one of my favorite things, and this adult year-long reading program is a great way to challenge myself to read a bit (and get entered for prizes!). I’m adding the additional challenge to this list that I need to read these books either from the books I already own or books I get from the library!
Oh, bonus – they’ve got a fun instagram account 

The Beaverton Library Reading Challenge:

  • January: Book featured on a “Best Books of 2017” list
  • February: Book with a MC that doesn’t look like you or live like you.
  • March: Book set in the decade in which you were born
  • April: Story that invoked the immigrant experience (fiction or non-fiction).
  • May: Book by an Oregon writer.
  • June: Book set in a place to which you’ve always wanted to travel
  • July: Watch a movie based on a book.
  • August: Read a book you choose based on the cover.
  • September: Read a book that has been challenged or banned in any country
  • October: Read a biography/memoir of someone you admire
  • November: Read a book that will teach you a brand-new skill or enhance a skill you already have.
  • December: Read something you’ve always wanted to read but never got around to.

Goal # 2:  Work on my writing.

So, I’m doing this! I’ve picked up some extra writing projects – but I feel they contribute to this idea of working on my writing because it’s challenging me to do different kinds of writing. It also helps me keep on track with the novel and blog in a strange kind of way. For instance, this past weekend I knew that I had a lot of these other writing projects to finish up – but also knew it wasn’t something I wanted to try and do in bits and pieces during my lunch-breaks, so instead I spent my lunch-break time working on chapter revisions. Now I have the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS (which may turn into four chapters) out to a few pre-readers for feedback – with some super-helpful feedback already coming in.  And since I’ve made a promise to these readers that I would keep the chapters coming I am even more motivated to put in the time on them!


Goal 3:  Writing about what I’m reading

I talked last week a bit about how I am scared of writing reviews.  But I’m aiming to change that by, well, writing them. It may just be little two sentence blurbs, but it will be something. And my goal is write a little blurb/review for every book I read this year.  So far I’ve read two books, and written two reviews so… on track!  

Goal 4: Reading

I kind of have to read in order to write about what I’m reading. Though I’ve only completed two books so far, I am working on this reading thing. I’ve been mostly keeping up with the Les Miserables chapter-a-day, and have about five other books I’ve started and kind of put aside. I seem to be in a pattern of reading a little bit of a whole lot of things until one of them really catches me. Then I’ll read only that until I’m done, then go back to a bit of this and that until I get caught by something else. Right now I’m about 30% of the way through a book I’m really enjoying, so I have a feeling I’ll end up zooming through that within the next week.


How are you doing on some of your goals this year?



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