#TakeAStand Against Domestic Violence – Stories

The stories about Intimate Partner Violence are hard to hear. But it’s important that the stories get told, that people listen, really listen, to the tales these people have to tell. Listen and honor their experience, and help to give them a chance to share their voices – as they feel safe to do.

Like many things, the more we keep it quite, the more we shuffle it off as “something we don’t talk about,” the worse it can become.  Despite the age-old adage, Ignoring something does not make it go away.


Here are just a few articles that share some individuals experiences with Domestic Violence.
“Why Didn’t You Just Leave?” Six Domestic Violence Survivors Explain Why It’s Never That Simple.

The Most Dangerous Time: Five Women Tell Their Stories of Leaving an Abusive Relationship.

Stories from The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Survivor Stories from Fight Against Domestic Violence



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