Weekend Coffee Share meets Banned Book Week!

Goodness. So, if we were having coffee I’d tell you that WAY back in January I had this silly idea. The idea was that I was going to be on top of my blogging. I had A PLAN. I was going to post REGULARLY. AND I was going to participate in all sorts of regularly occurring blogging-events.

So, of course, I end up not even being able to keep up with Insecure Writer’s Support Group and Weekend Coffee Share… Sigh.

One of the things I was certainly planning for, from the start of the year, was Banned Book Week. I’ve done something for Banned Book Week every year since I really started keeping up with the blog. And then we hit mid-September this year and I realized I hadn’t done anything in the past few months to get ready.

Yeah… so… I have to change that.

So my weekend is going to be spent sleeping, cooking, and getting some posts together for Banned Book Week!

I’d invite everyone to participate in Banned Book Week with me this year! Even if you haven’t had a chance to prepare – join me for the Banned Book Week Bloggers of the Last Minute!

How to participate? Easy –

  • Write a post to talk about a book you love that has been banned or challenged some time in the past 17 years (there’s a list here – I bet you can find a book on it you’ve read!)
  • Read one of the top 10 challenged/banned books from 2016 and share your thoughts
  • Participate in the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament!
  • Learn some about the reasons behind one of the top challenged/banned books and share what you’ve learned.

Or something else awesome – anything to help promote awareness of Banned and Challenged Books!

On Sunday I’ll put up a pinned post for the Banned Book Week Bloggers of the Last Minute – feel free to drop a link to your posts there and I’ll share them and repost as I can!

Me, I’ve picked up two of the books that made the Top Ten list which I’ve been wanting to read anyhow, so I hope to read them and write some about them this week. I’ll have some other posts too – sharing information and such.

So, I’d best get to reading!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share meets Banned Book Week!”

  1. I totally forgot to plan ahead, and now I may have to pay more for the Kindle version of a book than the paperback costs, ’cause if I order it from Amazon, it won’t get here until Banned Book Week is over, but none of the brick and mortar stores have it. 😦 Need to check the public library, but I know my university hasn’t got it. (The worst part of living in the Midwest. If the book involves LGBT issues, you can forget finding it on the shelves.)


    1. The Kindle version of George isn’t very expensive – I’m going to try to get through that one and through Eleanor and Park — I’ve been wanting to read them, just have been having some trouble keeping myself in a book lately.


      1. In looking at the ten most banned/challenged list for last year, I found myself most interested in reading “Two Boys Kissing,” and the Kindle on that is more expensive than the paperback…but it turned out that one of the county libraries had it in, even though my university and the library nearest me didn’t have it in their collections at all. (In my university’s defense, it *is* YA, so it’s not really typical college and graduate student reading.,,)

        Of course, I have to admit to being a teensy bit embarrassed about it: I went in after work yesterday, getting there about ten minutes before the library closed, so of course the woman at the counter wanted to make sure I was helped and got my book quickly so she wouldn’t have to chase me out in ten minutes. (Not that she said that was why, but of course it was.) So I had to tell her the title of the book, and I was strangely embarrassed about it, and felt compelled to gabble about how it was for Banned Book Week, etc. I’d never have felt any need to explain myself at the book store, but something about it being a library made me feel so much more self-conscious…

        I’ve started it now, and so far it’s good, though the narration style tinges everything with more than a bit of morbid melancholy. I don’t know if it’s something about that library, or if it’s because no one’s checked it out, but for a book that’s only four years old, it smells bizarrely musty.


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