Weekend Coffee Share – Out and About Again

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I had fully intended to write this post on Friday. I’d taken the day off from work, you see, to have a day to take care of some odds and ends. One of those things was to finally get myself some spinach tortillini in alfredo sauce from Spaghetti Factory. I have been craving that stuff for a few years (along with their bread…yummmm), and practically dreaming of it in the last 6 months or so. However, being Gluten-Sensitive, Tortellini and bread are not generally on my eating list. I had to make sure that I was having it on a day when I could afford to be pretty well useless for the rest of the day if I needed (wheat gives me a ridiculous brain fog). Well, Friday was the day – it just fell into place that it was a possibility for me to enjoy some Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It was just as awesome as I remembered, delicious and amazing. So worth it. Then we got out to the car. And it wouldn’t start. Thank goodness my mom (who had been my lunch date) has AAA! They got us started, but we’ve got some battery corrosion to attend to. I finished off the evening with meeting up wiht a friend and her family for some Frozen Hot Chocolate to celebrate the end of the first week of school for the girls. So much fun, but MAN was I tired by the time I got home. Today I woke up early (well, the normal time for me to wake up to go to work – which is not my normal wake up time on the weekends) and hopped in the car with some other ladies to drive up past Seattle for a Jamberry meeting. There are some big changes happening in the company, and it was nice to get a little more information on some of that – and it’s always nice to get to sit with other consultants and spend some time talking the business! Now, as I write this, I am actually babysitting my 3 month old niece so my sister and brother-in-law can have some grown-up time. They put her to sleep before they left but, as kids do, she woke up shortly after they left. But, let me tell you, that girl was TIRED. I think perhaps she had decided that Auntie Al needed to get more cardio in her day …. Well, as is the way with infants – the little one decided to wake up as I was writing, so I spent the rest of the time keeping her entertained 🙂 Now on my way home, enjoying a lovely train ride along the Sound – Ieven managed to get a seat with a table — never had one of these before, it’s awesome! Such beautiful scenery so, yes – lets pretend that we are sitting together at this table, enjoying the scenery together! How has your weekend been?


One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share – Out and About Again”

  1. I covet your Spaghetti Factory meal. I also am gluten sensitive (my mother had celiac disease) and have been avoiding pasta since the early 90s. Lovely pictures from the train! Enjoyed your post, I did! Thank you!

    Myself, I have just finished up with the WP Finding Everyday Inspiration class, and the Introduction to Japanese Poetry workshop that I signed up for in August begins tomorrow. Best wishes for your week!


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