Weekend Coffee Share: Long Weekend

If we were having coffee I’d be pretty tired. I’m trying a new medication, and have been fighting a cold all week (started out with a killer sinus headache last Sunday), and am just kind of ready to sleep. And I plan to do a fair amount of that this long weekend, well, sleep and visit with family and friends. And some grocery shopping and such. Because, well, life.

I’d tell you that I’ve been having fun playing with Midnight Monster – he’s been extra cuddly this week (I think he knows I need it) and that’s been really sweet. He also likes the re-arranging I did in our living space last weekend (before the headache hit), gives him far more space to romp around in!

We’ve also had a stray-cat visitor for a while now. They hang out near the window, and taunt Midnight Monster from the fence. He’s fun to observe, and a total bad ass.

And once again I didn’t finish writing this before the weekend started, so now I’m going to post it have finished so at least I get some coffee share with you all! What have you been up to this weekend?


One thought on “Weekend Coffee Share: Long Weekend”

  1. We are pretty much taking it easy, here, during the long weekend. My husband’s been wiring his workshop in the back yard; must call inspectors. I’m catching up on blogging, dishes, laundry. 😀 Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. It’s nice to have a pet friend to cuddle up with. My cocker spaniel climbs up in my lap when I need cuddles. So nice that your friend is so sensitive to your needs.


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