Weekend Coffee Share: Relaxation, some…

Glad you could join me for coffee again!  This weekend I’m back home, enjoying some relaxation time — and a little cleaning and Jamberry work, of course.  My goal is to also get a little writing time in as well, though part of my challenge is figuring out what I want to write.  I haven’t exactly had a lot of inspiration lately — unless I start venturing into the realm of non-fiction. It might happen….

Last weekend was awesome. I am completely in love with my niece – she is adorable and sweet. 2 months old and she’s just starting to engage with the world around her. It was a lot of fun to get to “play” with her, coo over her a bit, and help rock her to sleep.  It was also wonderful to get to catch up with my sister — the two of us haven’t had the chance to really visit and hang out together in a long time.

I’m starting to get excited about next weekend now, I have next Monday off so that I can see the solar eclipse.  While where I live is only going to be a partial eclipse (like, 90%+) I am actually going down to stay with a friend in the path of totality. I’ve been working on this plan for over a year – and am excited that I’ll get to see this pretty awesome event and get to spend some quality time with my friend and her family. We’re just hoping that the Oregon weather cooperates to give us a clear-enough sky to really appreciate it!  Also hoping that the drive down (the day before the eclipse) and the drive home (the same day as the eclipse) go smoothly. There is so much that could go wrong with so many people flooding that area….

I started writing this Friday morning, and now it’s Saturday and I’ve been doing a lot of napping, and also a lot of looking at the news coming out of Charlottesville.  The news is disheartening, frightening, and another one of those cold shocks of reality – and I’m finding it hard to write about much else at the moment. It’s also causing me to reflect some on the ways in which my illness (which is still being figured out and treatments are still being worked on) is limiting the level of involvement that I am able to have in taking any sort of action and being any sort of a voice against this.  It’s a lot to process, and I’m tossing it around in my mind – but don’t really want to ramble my way through it at you right now so that’s all I’m going to say for now.

I hope that you are having a good weekend, staying safe and getting some relaxation in. Take care of yourself out there.

Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly check-in, hosted by Part-Time Monster.  Join us!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Relaxation, some…”

  1. I’m on “forced” bed rest, not inky because of my surgery but also because of the sciatica. So I’m vegging of in the couch and praying tomorrow will be better. Enjoy what relaxation you can get!


  2. Allison, there is something wrong with the Weekend Coffee Share link for this post. I can’t figure it out but it takes one to your page to write a blog post on your blog. You should delete the link and fix it otherwise anyone can post on your blog as if they were you!


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