Weekend Coffee Share: Sushi, Sunshine, Relaxing Time!

This weekend I’d invite you to enjoy some iced beverages with me. It may not still be warm enough for such things, but I’m all for pretending it is after the 80+ degree weather we had earlier this week! I’ll admit, that’s a bit on the warm side for me – especially since it was also humid, ugh. I much prefer a little cooler weather. T-shirt weather, where you can still move around and do stuff without feeling like you’re about to melt.

The sudden warmth also meant some pretty cool storm systems.

My weekend was completely empty two days ago – there was absolutely nothing planned. Which was lovely in theory, but I knew that getting out and actually interacting with people would also be a good thing for me to do. Plus, one of my best friends and her family just moved into a new house, which I totally want to see! So I’ll be heading over there sometime on Saturday to help with some unpacking and to get in some good kid-play time — which I’m very excited about. There’s nothing quite as awesome as playing with kids, and these two gals are awesome, hopefully they’ll be as excited about showing me around their new house as I am about seeing it!

The rest of the weekend will be spent in glorious rest. Well, rest, and cleaning, and doing some necessary work. There is, as always, cleaning to be done. And meal prep. And Jamberry work. And laundry… always laundry.

This week I had some fun – a good friend from college (really, the closest I have to a college-roommate that I’m still friends with… we shared a wall our senior year) stopped by for a little on her way between destinations. It was fun to hang out with her for a bit (we had a brief visit at the end of last too, as she was between destinations then too).  The sad thing is that this was probably the last “between destinations” that she’ll have here for a while, so it may be some time before we get to hang out again.

But we had a grand old time together on Tuesday! We went out to a sushi place for dinner, to try out another conveyor-belt sushi location. It was very nice to discover they had an UNDER $20 all-you-can-eat deal. Seeing as how I never get out of sushi-places for under $20 it was a no-brainer and we ate ALL the sushi. It was deliciously awesome.

All You Can Eat led to a willingness to try new things!

This was followed up by a trip to Powell’s for meandering, book browsing and lots of visiting – and I managed to get out of there without buying a book! It may have been a first for me, honestly.

Overall it was a pretty good week. The coming week doesn’t have anything terribly exciting in it either – but I’m kind of looking forward to it. Hoping to get some reading going, and to do some more writing. For the first time in a long time I have a fiction-project dancing around in the back of my mind, and there is still the novel-draft that has been waiting for my editing/re-writing rounds.

How have you been? What have you been up to?

Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly chance to check in with our blogging community.  Hop around the internet and enjoy the hospitality of this great community with a casual chat. Started by Part-Time Monster, and now hosted by Nerd In The Brain this is a lovely community and a fun weekly check-in. Check out the link-up, and feel free to join in the fun!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sushi, Sunshine, Relaxing Time!”

  1. Old friends are the best. They remind us of who we were and how we got to be who we are. You should be very proud of youself for leaving the book store empty handed. You are a much stronger person that I am! And although your sushi photo is quite appealing, I’ve never been able to acquire a taste for it, myself. Do you think there is a certain type of sushi that could convert me? Enjoy your week!


    1. I highly recommend going somewhere that you can try a bunch of different types (like a conveyor belt style place). I find that the type of sushi that helps get people introduced depends on their tastes. If the fish is scaring you off, avoid those wraps, if it’s the seaweed look for the ones that don’t use seaweed 🙂

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