Weekend Coffee Share: Vacation Weekend!

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to meet me somewhere downtown – I’m taking a mini-vacation this weekend (taking advantage of the free two-night stay in a local hotel that I won)! It’s nothing grand, hanging out downtown – but I’m looking forward to a weekend of just being somewhere different. Relaxing, hanging out with friends, and maybe getting a little writing done. It’ll be great!

Of course, I’ll be doing a bit less walking than I had initially envisioned.  For about a year I’ve been dealing with a pain in my foot.  Turns out it’s just (another) flare up of inflammation… but the podiatrist wants me to immobilize it for a time, and give it rest, to see if that helps it go down. I was in a little hard-soled-shoe for a few days, but it was hurting more in that so we’ve upgraded me to a BOOT.

But that lack of walking means, maybe, I’ll spend some time sitting and writing instead.  I still have posts I want to write about a whole array of things (books I’ve read, things I’ve done, reflections on the world right now…). I lack a good laptop at the moment, but maybe can manage some writing on my tablet and phone — or a plain old notebook which will then get typed in later.  We’ll see.

The weeks been a bit of a blur since Monday.

Oh, Monday. I did promise to catch you up on that.

I had taken Monday off in order to take Midnight Monster to the vet. He was going to get his teeth cleaned — the appointment I had postponed due to him running off on me the day before his last appointment.

At about 7:15 I started to try putting him in his crate, knowing he is not a fan of his crate and that it can take a few tries. I was supposed to be dropping him off at the vet (no more than 5 minutes away by car) between 7:30 and 8.

At 7:55 I was having no luck and he had managed to catch my cheek with his claw and give me a good little gash. My mom called the vet to let them know I was working on it and would be getting him there as soon as I could.

At 8:30 I called them again.  Still no luck, as the Monster channeled all his strength into fighting me as much as he could – clawing his way out of the “burritos” I made for him using all sorts of different blankets, running and hiding in places where it was tricky to get him out.  He’d taken to hissing at me when I approached with anything resembling a blanket or towel — even when I draped it around myself like it was part of my outfit. He’s a smart one, unfortunately.

They said I could bring him in any time before 10, but that if he was too riled up it would be hard for them to work with him so maybe we’d need to reschedule.  I thought, perhaps, if I calmed him down a little, cuddled him a little (he would still let me hold him some, as long as I didn’t go near the crate) perhaps I could get him in and he’d be okay.

9:15 I gave up, and called and rescheduled his appointment – yet again. Two hours of trying to get my cat in the carrier… exhausting.

Next time I get to try will be all the way out in July… and I’m just hoping that we’ve been able to work up to getting into the crate (yes, I’m planning on actually WORKING on it. Bundling him on occasion, putting him in the crate with the door open… doing what I can to help acclimate him to make it less stressful in the future.

A cousin of mine was in town, and I had been planning on meeting her at 9:30 downtown. I hadn’t had a chance to see her since we were kids, and thankfully she was flexible so we were able to bump the time out a bit.  Late breakfast was awesome, and it was so good to visit with her.  
Then I ran back out to the farther reaches of the metro area for a meeting with the podiatrist to figure out this foot pain… at which point I was given the shoe that is now replaced with the boot.

At least I get to show off my toes?

By the time I got home Monday night I was WORN OUT.

May this weekend make up for some of the craziness and leave me feeling rested!

How are you doing?  What have you been up to?  Though I feel like I tried EVERYTHING with Midnight Monster, I’d love to hear what you’ve done to get your stubborn pets into their carriers.

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Vacation Weekend!”

  1. Cats and dogs can be a pain to get in a crate. We use the crate as a safety area for the dogs. Kato doesn’t do crates. He is leash-train and we carry him if need arises. He rides beauty flu in a car without a crate.


  2. Enjoy the weekend getaway! Wow, you had a doozy of a Monday. I hope your foot heals very soon. While my cats have never liked carriers, I’ve always been able to somehow shove them in. It’s never fun , though. It sounds like gradually introducing him between now and July is the way to go. Does your carrier open in front or on top? I’ve heard the ones that open on top can be a bit easier (but I’ve never had one myself). Good luck!


    1. I’ve got one of the top and front open carriers…tried both ones! I really think it’s just that he was a bit traumatized from his previous encounters – so hopefully some gradual introduction will help! I don’t expect it to get easy… but at least so I can get him in!

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  3. My cat is like yours, she hates the carrier. If I have to crate her, I put on thick runner gloves and two sweaters to protect myself from her claws. Then we just fight it out until I can get her in. It’s been easier these last few years as she’s getting older, but in her prime, I never got through a bout without her drawing blood. It’s even worse when I have to bathe her!
    I hope your trip downtown was relaxing. I’ve been thinking about doing the same here. It’s not as glamorous as a real vacation, but it’s a break in the routine, and sometimes that’s all you need.
    Thanks for the coffee and feel better soon!


    1. I think what I need is shoulder guards. It really seems like he wasn’t so much trying to attack me as just get away, and my shoulder was the nearest thing for him to claw at to pull himself up! Thank goodness I don’t have to try to bathe him!! He does, however, like to wander around in the shower after I’ve used it, so once when he did need a little extra cleaning help I kind of surprise trapped him in! Such a mean mom I am.
      The trip downtown was wonderful! It wasn’t glamorous – but it was exactly what I needed! In some ways it was better than traveling somewhere far away, because there was none of that sense of rush that comes with trying to see and do ALL THE THINGS. Instead I could do what I wanted, decide to skip on activities I’d thought I’d do, and opt for things like hamburgers rather than somewhere more exotic because.. well.. I can always come back!


  4. I’ve recently gotten a kennel for my puppy that I’ve been told helps with potty training, but my Mister doesn’t particularly like the idea of it so the potty training is a slow process right now. 😦 It sounds like it’s a lot simpler with a cat! 🙂 I hope your foot heals quickly and that you get some good rest!


  5. Yowza! Thank goodness for the weekend hotel getaway to add some positive to the rest. My cats are not fans but never give that much trouble. Wish I had a trick for ya…


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