Monday Updates… life updates

Clearly Monday updates didn’t happen again this week.  They will return, eventually… there is so much happening and so much for us to do.  But my indoor-only cat escaped on Sunday, and I have been in no state to get much work done at all – particularly any work that requires brain power (I was able to do some cleaning at least…). I’ve been doing a lot of searching, and re-searching. A lot of walking around looking for any signs of him. A lot of worrying, and distributing flyers.  I don’t know how much writing of any form I’ll be able to get done until he gets home… though I am certainly going to try to get back on track for Insecure Writer’s Support Group this week… I had such an extensive “to-do” list for this weekend that has not been able to get done.

So… yeah.  I’m here-ish, but only a little as I adjust to this limbo-time of waiting to see if he is spotted or if he wanders himself home.


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