Monday Updates: Feb 20 2017

So.. you may have noticed that I have no Monday Update today.
I had a really busy weekend (between being sick and working a table at Wizard World Comic Con) and didn’t get a chance to write the update, or to write my weekend coffee share!

So, I will get updates next week, though I’m considering if this is something I want to continue doing weekly.

In the meantime… what updates do you have to share from the week?  News?  Good News? Action Items?


3 thoughts on “Monday Updates: Feb 20 2017”

  1. Sorry you were sick, but working a table at Wizard World Comic Con sounds interesting. It seems like you could combine them (the two weekly posts) into one and just do the coffee share if doing both is difficult.


    1. I thought about that, but the Monday Updates are all political, and the Coffee share I very much want to NOT be political. Different functions. I’m thinking maybe I just need to get better at giving myself permission to not always get them both done every week.

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