Weekend Coffee Share: New Homes

If we were having coffee today I’d be a little sniffly and suggest you stick to the other side of the room.  I’ve been fighting a cold all week and it seems to be winning – I kind of want to just curl up in bed and sleep forever.

But that’s not in the cards this weekend.  At least, not today. I’m heading out shortly to enjoy some times at a friends house — my last time being there… they’re moving and are out of the house on Monday! I’m excited for them to be getting to start a new adventure (their looking for a house to move into now, will be staying somewhere else for a while in the interim), but I’m also kind of bummed.  Right now they live so very close – so it’s easy to get together for quick visits (“Hey, I need to run to the store, you want to come along?”), it’s awesome and I love having the so close. But they aren’t planning to move very far, it just won’t be as easy to do random stop-by’s.

Speaking of moving… Weekend Coffee share has a new home!  After starting and taking great care of this lovely little link-up for quite some time, Part-Time Monster is handing over the reigns to Nerd In The Brain! A great new home for for this feature.

I’m going to spend most of the weekend resting outside of that. Hopefully I can fight off this thing… and hopefully I can also get some work done. Because there is certainly work that I need to get done!

Keeping it short because I have to get moving… but I’ve got the time to listen to what you’ve been up to.  Any great weekend plans?



4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: New Homes”

  1. Awww, I hope you feel better soon! And it’s good that your friends will still be relatively close by even after their move. It makes me sad just to think about how widely scattered all my friends from college will likely be in just a few years… it won’t be nearly as easy to stop over and hang out with everyone anymore! :O


    1. Yeah.. I went to college across the country from where I grew up, and then moved a few states over, and then back to where I grew up, and then back across the country, and then back here… So I’ve got friends scattered all over the place – it’s hard to have some of my very best friends living on the other side of the country, so I’m very glad to have at least some of them right nearby!

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