Weekend Coffee Share: Sorry I missed you last week!

Hello again!

I fully intended to have coffee with you last week, really I did… but the weekend got away from me so quickly! It was a busy weekend, starting out with the Women’s March here in Portland. I’m not much of a crowds person (rather, I don’t often fare well in crowds and try to avoid them when I can) so going was a challenge for me – but I had a kick-ass friend to accompany me, who made sure I was doing okay the whole way, and who I knew had my back if I needed her  – and that made it do-able for me. It was a positive experience, and I’m glad I went — but I’ve been even more thankful for the conversations that have come up in the Facebook Group I’m in around the organization of the march. Challenging conversations about feminism and intersectionality – it’s powerful stuff and very challenging for some, but highly educational for those willing to listen.

There has been so much going on, politics are moving fast right now and it is hard to keep on-top of it all. I’m trying my best, and trying to root through it all to pay attention to what we can do. That’s really been a large piece of my life at this point – it breaks my heart to see the things that are happening, the things that are being threatened, and the way that so many are willing to turn a blind eye to hatred that is being directed at so many people in our country (and around the world). I can’t wrap my head around how people are willing to just turn away and not look at what is happening – as though ignoring it all will make it go away. I refuse to be one of those people.

That isn’t to say I am not in full support to people that are limiting their exposure and taking breaks away from it all – we need to take care of ourselves. It’s a matter of balancing out paying attention, taking action, and self-care. Someone on Twitter made the reminder that we’re all working on this together, we’re not alone. When one of us rests, another is reading, and another is taking action. We all need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves (and one another).

Honestly there hasn’t been all that much else going on in my life at this point.  I had a full week at work, got together with a friend for dinner on Friday, and then spent a chunk of the day on Saturday with my Dad and Stepmom.

Honestly, a lot of the week I’ve spent coming home from work and then going to sleep – I’ve been fighting a cold and needing my rest. I’m also working on finding my balance, figuring out how to keep on top of what I can do, and what I need to do and still finding the time to care for myself.

What have you been doing? How are you taking care of yourself?



4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Sorry I missed you last week!”

  1. Ahhh hello fellow marcher! 😄 I was at the March in DC and like you, I don’t do well around crowds so I actually only marched for about an hour before it all got too overwhelming.

    And yeah, like you, I’m also super worried and sad about what’s happening to our country. I think it’s finally getting to my roommate, too – she didn’t understand why my friends and I were crying on Election Night but I think she does now. I agree that limiting exposure to social media can be a good thing but as a journalism student I have to know what’s going on in the world and sometimes it’s very difficult because I know it’ll just make me more depressed… but at the same time, I need to know current events for my classes!


    1. Wow! Good for you for going to the DC march!!
      I think part of the important thing is to hit a balance. I’ve been learning which sources I can look at for good information, and which to just walk on by. I’m starting to get a hang of what to put on back-burners (being able to set alerts on congress.gov when a bill enters committee so I’ll get notice when it moves onto a point worth our energy – for instance) and where to spread information for maximum reach (because spreading information is part of what I can do!)
      it all helps make it a bit easier to keep on top of without burning out.

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  2. I think you’re right. Self care is extremely important, especially right now as we are being bombarded with multiple issues every single day. We are all mentally exhausted. Take a day off or even a few hours off to do something else or to do nothing at all is important. The world will not come to an end if/when we take the day off. Take care of yourself. It sounds like we are in for some more dicey weather at the end of the week so you will need your energy for that!

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    1. Yup – I ended up taking much of the weekend away from things (Dad time on Saturday, and then friend time at (unfortunately) a memorial service on Sunday). Tonight I’m planning on doing Jamberry work and reading 🙂 Kind of hoping the weather turns out to be enough to give us some time off… but it could well end up just being GROSS… but not gross enough to keep me home 😦


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