Weekend Coffee Share – Another Icy Weekend

If we were having coffee I’d probably have a fire going in the fireplace, it’s a bit chilly out there and there are occasional snow flurries.  Of course, this is supposed to pick up from flurries as the day goes on, and then turn to ice later.  So we’d have to keep it short so you could get home before the weather gets too bad. We’re not terribly known for our ability to drive in bad weather (or to have the infrastructure to be able to properly handle it).

I canceled a few plans for the weekend because of the weather, but that’s okay, I like the idea of getting to hang out at home all day for the weekend — especially since the next two weekends are going to be pretty full!

Not a whole lot has been happening in my life – I’ve been trying to keep on top of the political insanity that is happening… there is so much happening at once that it’s very hard to keep up on and even harder to figure out what to fight – and how to fight it. I’ll be spending some of this weekend mapping out networks, figuring out good information sources, and generally trying to sort things out. The one thing made plainly clear this week is that we’ll be seeing a lot of stuff coming from a lot of angles and will have to keep our wits about us if we’re going to continue fighting hate. 

I have also been trying to get moving on my writing. There are two twitter groups I’ve been a part of: #JanWritingChallenge and #WIPjoy – and they’ve both helped me immensely.  I finally took out that novel that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for quite a while now. Tried to find the most recent copy on my computer and couldn’t. A moment of panic later I found the printed copy, on which I’d scribbled all sorts of edit notes.

Which means that I’m having to completely re-type the entire thing. At first I was unhappy about it but now I’ve realized it’s really a blessing in disguise. It is forcing me to think through each section, each sentence, and make sure it works correctly. Some of the early parts were written near a decade ago, and the story has changed a lot since them. So it’s slow going (like, really slow going), and downright painful (and I haven’t even gotten to the parts of the story I KNEW were problematic), to work through. But I really feel like it is SO going to be worth it!

How are you doing?  What have you been up to this week?




7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Another Icy Weekend”

  1. Good luck with your writing. Maybe the snowed-in-weekend will work in your favor?! I love being stuck in the house (we had snow here as well) but I really envy you your fireplace. Maybe in my next house!😊


    1. I love being stuck at home (though it’s not quite as powerful on weekend as it is during the week). I live in a multi-generational household, so the fireplace is in a common area… sadly NOT where my cat and my computer are. Trying to get my writing going!

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