Monday Updates: Week 5


This week Obama held a press conference talking about Russia’s interference in our election. I’ll admit, I haven’t had the chance/energy to watch this in full yet — but I’ve heard mixed feedback from people, including differing opinions on what exactly is being said. I promise I’m going to give it a listen and give my own insights soon.

There continues to be questions about Trump’s ties to Russia and potential acts of treason, his general political actions, personal business interests, and cabinet appointments.  I’ve been compiling these links about the current political situation on a few pages here, if you are interested in digging into more.

In North Carolina there was a worrisome move by the current Governor to limit the power of the incoming Governor. This is troubling both in the way that it happened as well as the very point of it.

Good News:

The Department of Energy received a questionnaire from someone in Trumps transition team which appeared to be something of a witch-hunt.  The good news – they took a stand and refused to release information in response to this.

The Senate Democrats are working on a bill that would help to force Trump to shed his conflicts of interest.

The “Make America Kittens Again” chrome extension will replace all pictures of Donald Trump with pictures of kittens.

With the rise in hateful action there has also been a love-filled response to these acts of hate.  For instance an Islamic Center in Vermont received a hate letter. The community responded with more than 200 people, from 36 different faith-based communities write letters of concern and caring to the community.


This is a busy week.  The Electoral College vote is on Monday, Chaunakah starts this week, as does Christmas. Many schools are on winter vacation and it’s just a crazy time as we roll to the end of 2016.

With that in mind, the actions this week are very important.

I encourage you to learn about what is happening with the Electoral College vote (for instance, the fact that the votes are not actually counted until January 6th).

Take a moment to share light and love with someone else.  Send a card, call a friend, make a donation, bake someone cookies… do something to express care for another human being.

And take a moment to care for yourself.  Do something refreshing and calming, something you enjoy that helps to soothe your soul.

Then, and only then, start thinking about what you are prepared to do in the coming months, weeks, and even years. What kind of actions are you ready and willing to take, what kind of strengths and abilities are you able to contribute, what connections do you have?  Think in broad terms, think in specifics… write it down, and be ready to start taking some more actions as things progress.


What do you think?

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