If We Were Having Coffee… Getting Into The Season

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you’d heard the Hamilton Mix Tape yet.  I’m in love with it – but I already knew that was going to be the case. So many of the songs had been released early, and I found most of them really awesome, a few really moving.  I’ll admit, this week I listened to “Immigrants (We get the job done)” and “Wrote my way out” on repeat for perhaps an unhealthy amount of time.

I’m starting to get into Holiday mode. I celebrate Christmas (though more as a secular holiday than a religious one for a variety of reasons), and love the bringing of green into our homes, and all the lights!  Last year, as a Christmas present, my little brother gave me a little living-Christmas tree and we’re going to be bringing it in this weekend.  I’m hoping that it will be able to live up on the table that I’ve made into a perch for Midnight Monster – my brother thinks it’s the kind of tree that the Monster shouldn’t be too interested in eating or tipping… and, of course, I won’t be putting any ornaments on it — but maybe a string of lights.  We’ll see how it all settles… this is the first Christmas that I’ll have my cat, so it’s going to be an interesting experience.

I did some major Christmas shopping today, and now just have some crafting (and mailing) to do.  It’s nice to be at least a little bit ahead of the game, it will allow me to actually relax a bit on the few days I have off around Christmas and New Years.

I’d tell you that my concussion seems to have healed up.  I’m still a bit baffled at how I managed to get one with a simple whack to the head, but I think it was due in large part to WHERE it hit – the edge of the table caught me just above the eyebrow at a point where my skull seems to go in a little bit.  At least, I think it’s always gone there — I will not get paranoid that I chipped my skull or something, I imagine that would have hurt a LOT more.  I’m still getting a slight headache now and then, but nothing major and it doesn’t seem to last long if I pause and close my eyes for  a few so… that’s good!

I should get to work on some of the projects that have been languishing today – I need to remind myself that a bunch of shopping in the morning is going to mean I’m not likely to be very productive for the rest of the day… hopefully that’s the last (and only) big shopping trek I have to take for quite a while. MULTIPLE stores were visited, you guys.  I HATE shopping so.. that’s kinda huge!

How have you been doing?  Do you celebrate any holidays during this winter season?  If so, which ones?  What are some traditions that you’re looking forward to?

Be sure to make the coffee rounds – you can find the links over at Part Time Monster!



6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… Getting Into The Season”

  1. Great you are feeling very and are into a holiday mood. Never had a problem with Kato as I don’t use a live trees and he knows the difference between a real tree and an artificial one. Have pleasant week.


  2. When you wrote “love the bringing of green into our homes” I thought that is a beautiful way to describe decorating for the holiday season and I had a vivid image of fresh pine wreaths and I could almost smell that fresh rich scent. Lovely post, thank you for sharing.


  3. I am firmly convinced that there is no amount of any portion of the MIxtape that is unhealthy to listen to! Probably helped your healing. I’m especially fond of “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done!).” “Burn”, “It’s Quiet Uptown”…OK, pretty much ALL of them!

    I have a cool story to share with you:

    I was waiting to meet the friends my daughter was staying with. We live a ways apart, so we meet up at a convenience store roughly midway. It was Friday, and the weather was cool but sunny, so I had the windows down and the Mixtape cranked.

    I was belting out Jimmy Fallon and The Roots’ “You’ll Be Back” when a car pulled up beside me, a kayak on the rack up top, a young man and a little boy about 4 or 5 inside. The guy got out, and leaned in at my passenger window, grinning, and started singing along.

    He didn’t know about the Mixtape until then! As they went into the store, the little boy was dancing.

    When they came back, the dad asked where I’d gotten the Mixtape, so I told him he could get it on Amazon for $14.99. He told me that his son had said, “That seems like a really happy lady!”

    I’m still smiling.

    Good luck with the tree and the Midnight Monster, and happy Hamiltoning…you might want to look up my link, because I have more Hamilton for you there – I live in upstate New York, which is a pretty handy place to be!


  4. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Christmas decorations always help me get more into the Christmas spirit. I hope your cat behaves with the tree. I have one cat that climbs right up into the middle of the tree (about my eye level) and lays there, peeking out of the branches. If one walks by too close, her paw may come out of the green and give a swat! Luckily the tree is too big for her to knock over.

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