Weekend Coffee Share: Wait? I’m Awake!

If we were having coffee I would have a story to tell you.  Curled up, sipping hot cocoa (because I am still not drinking coffee… for the reason I am about to explain), I might look a little tired.

See, last week, when we were having coffee, it turns out I had a concussion.  I just… wasn’t having any symptoms yet.  I’d smashed my head on the corner of a table and, while it hurt in the moment, I didn’t think of it as anything more than a solid hit.

So I wrote up my coffee share, and then went to a wine tasting with my Dad and Stepmom.  It was fun – we were there for a few hours, did the Manequin Challenge a few times with the entire tasting room, and I had my go at two rounds of trivia (I got into the last round for one of them… on complete guesses).  But it seemed like the wine was impacting me more than it normally does at these tastings, I was light-headed far earlier, I had trouble focusing, and I just started to feel super-tired.

Well, took me coming home and falling asleep for an hour (something I very rarely do mid-day), waking up feeling nauseous and with a headache for a few more hours (after heavily hydrating) to realize that I might have a concussion.  Spent a while on the phone with a nurse-line, and then with a doctor to confirm it.  So began the week of sleep.

Seriously, aside from another call to the doctor, and an appointment on Monday morning at the doctors, I pretty much spent the entire week sleeping, listening to music, and spending a little time listening my way through a few audio books (when I could stay up long enough).

This is what much of my week looked like.
This is what much of my week looked like.

I made it through a very laid-back Thanksgiving meal with my family, though by the end of it I was pretty thoroughly exhausted.  My ability to passively watch non-brain-engaging things on screens seems to be improved vastly, and I am sleeping far less (I don’t think I even took a nap yesterday!) I still have to be careful with more active, focused, things (such as typing up blog posts, or doing things on social media), and I haven’t tested out the whole “actually being active and interacting with people” thing yet.

It’s hard to strike that balance between giving myself the time I need to heal, and doing the gentle pushing to let my body be sure of its limits.  Like, right now, do I want to take a nap because I need to, or because it’s just what I’m used to doing after a week of sleeping every 2-4 hours?

I am aiming to get back into the flow of things this week – but also making sure I pay attention to the signs and signals my body is giving me.  It’s just… so hard!

How was your week?  And weekend?  Are you one of those Black-Friday shoppers? Did you have a good time with family or friends?  How are you doing?




12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Wait? I’m Awake!”

  1. Hope you are now feeling much better. I can relate to you about the signs our body is telling us. Sometimes, it makes me feel old. On the positive side, I’m glad we are given warnings and signs so we can pay attention to our self. Do get the much needed sleep, your body needs that too.


  2. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve had two concussions in the last month and at this point I’m not sure if the headache is from the first head blow or the second because the first one didn’t stop before I hit my head again! Lots of sleep and tiredness. And lots of kind of zoning out which my daughter doesn’t understand and doesn’t expect from me. She still has me doing the same stuff I normally do so I’ve not gotten a chance to let myself rest. I hope you are well soon!


  3. Poor you! Sounds like a nasty concussion and it had to interrupt Thanksgiving week. :\

    Since you asked.. I had a fun Thanksgiving weekend with family, placed a couple of online orders for gifts. (No beating-the-crowds Black Friday shopping for me!)

    Hope you’re feeling back to your normal self! 🙂


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